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Open Pro(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1James Armstrong4591A 1:06.625
2barkevious mingo14794A 1:07.203
3hunter braun19534C 1:07.390
4Nick Tomasunas8501C 1:07.429
5jontavious snogglebottoms32029C 1:07.921
6Jett Wisdom32889C 1:08.445
7Carson West26504C 1:08.460
8Rogan McIntosh28509C 1:08.929
9Chris Post22504C 1:09.578
10Noah McLaughlin30022C 1:09.914
11Keegan Riley34834C 1:11.148
12Riley Moran10309C 1:11.296
13Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:11.429
14Tyla G27952C 1:12.187
15Brandon Sanchez32363C 1:12.679
16Seth Garrett18588A 1:14.656
17seth carr33662C 1:17.234
18Josh Bellinger22061C 1:18.898
19Trevin Thompson28741C 1:19.539
20Bill Will19552A 1:19.859
21Nathan Guy12523C 1:30.414
22eduardo simoes2048ANo Sessions
23Anthony Twidle4100ANo Sessions
24colton mitchell6767ANo Sessions
25Kyler Hawkey8661ANo Sessions
26caleb hall10047ANo Sessions
27Jack Gatland11337CNo Sessions
28☆WALMAN☆ ‎‎12235ANo Sessions
29Ricky Hardman13567CNo Sessions
30braden castellaneta13568CNo Sessions
31James Ohashi15603BNo Sessions
32Nolan Keckley18746BNo Sessions
33Brandon Nigrin22612BNo Sessions
34Kevin Gonzalez23185BNo Sessions
35Ethan Olsen23759BNo Sessions
36Lorenzo Butelli24036CNo Sessions
37Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
38Kael Braden24832CNo Sessions
39Erin Rockafellow25349CNo Sessions

250 Pro(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1barkevious mingo14794A 1:07.203
2Nick Tomasunas8501C 1:07.429
3jontavious snogglebottoms32029C 1:07.921
4Rogan McIntosh28509C 1:08.929
5Chris Post22504C 1:09.578
6Noah McLaughlin30022C 1:09.914
7Tanner Thorsen16669C 1:10.156
8Ryan Spengler8505B 1:10.289
9Noah Smerdon29577C 1:10.890
10Joseph Wagner13750C 1:11.367
11Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:11.429
12Dominic Paolini22903C 1:11.906
13Tyla G27952C 1:12.187
14Brandon Sanchez32363C 1:12.679
15Seth Garrett18588A 1:14.656
16Robbie Fratscher36199B 1:15.750
17Mack Spokes39326C 1:18.820
18Josh Bellinger22061C 1:18.898
19Trevin Thompson28741C 1:19.539
20Bentley Tondu22207C 1:57.265
21eduardo simoes2048ANo Sessions
22colton mitchell6767ANo Sessions
23Kyler Hawkey8661ANo Sessions
24caleb hall10047ANo Sessions
25Jack Gatland11337CNo Sessions
26☆WALMAN☆ ‎‎12235ANo Sessions
27Ricky Hardman13567CNo Sessions
28Braiden Ehle17003BNo Sessions
29Nolan Keckley18746BNo Sessions
30Brandon Nigrin22612BNo Sessions
31Kevin Gonzalez23185BNo Sessions
32Ethan Olsen23759BNo Sessions
33Lorenzo Butelli24036CNo Sessions
34Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
35Kael Braden24832CNo Sessions
36Erin Rockafellow25349CNo Sessions

Open AM(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1michele faggion32860C 1:07.554
2Rhys Harris33274C 1:07.968
3Brett Thomas13211C 1:08.414
4Carson West26504C 1:08.460
5Ethan Holland16925B 1:09.921
6Jacob Kelly34905C 1:10.078
7Alexander Lagerkvist31538B 1:10.156
8Johnny Mayo23155B 1:10.468
9Alec Horn19554C 1:10.523
10Zak Shaffer31069C 1:11.164
11Ryder Plouffe27574C 1:11.679
12Gregory Evans33007B 1:11.718
13Kiefer Martin11994C 1:13.187
14Colin Libby22427C 1:13.234
15Alex Rose32087C 1:13.625
16kye orchard26976C 1:14.929
17Sebastien Racine30368C 1:15.320
18Tyson Parliament20904C 1:15.968
19Joey Arico34999A 1:16.453
20Nathan McLaughlin31541C 1:17.328
21Owen Adams22023B 1:17.421
22LIAM Atkinson25419C 1:19.492
23Robert Galloway5395C 1:19.937
24Corey Brennan35731C 1:20.039
25Donald Carawan29178C 1:21.250
26Benny Geale1136C 1:21.382
27Nate Brough33872C 1:21.687
28chris harper11333C 1:21.804
29mutt cameron18331C 1:23.507
30eric kidney8694C 1:23.789
31Jimmy Griffin31491C 1:23.804
32Evan Cormack27400C 1:25.335
33Chase Morales21437C 1:25.695
34chase matott36789C 1:27.046
35Christian Arnold33891C 1:42.953
36Tyler Smith10661CNo Sessions
37Zach Fischer15392CNo Sessions
38Jeremy Green15935ANo Sessions
39ty sharp18914CNo Sessions
40Carter Greer21267CNo Sessions
41Alec Floyd31781CNo Sessions
42Tristan Powell32796CNo Sessions
43zach coleman33910CNo Sessions
44Devin DUH Simonson36799CNo Sessions
45JR Reyes37458CNo Sessions

250 AM(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Rhys Harris33274C 1:07.968
2Seth Harnishfeger33606C 1:09.570
3Ethan Holland16925B 1:09.921
4Alexander Lagerkvist31538B 1:10.156
5Alec Horn19554C 1:10.523
6Noah Smerdon29577C 1:10.890
7Zak Shaffer31069C 1:11.164
8Joseph Wagner13750C 1:11.367
9Ryder Plouffe27574C 1:11.679
10Kiefer Martin11994C 1:13.187
11Hayden Grimes24806B 1:13.554
12Antoine Mouqueron26568C 1:13.742
13Damion Lawyer33936C 1:13.804
14Brandon Quigley23972B 1:14.648
15Owen Harnishfeger32456C 1:14.992
16Sebastien Racine30368C 1:15.320
17Robbie Fratscher36199B 1:15.750
18Ryan Stewart35288C 1:16.414
19Joey Arico34999A 1:16.453
20carl novak24545C 1:17.132
21tukker mclean33089C 1:17.156
22seth carr33662C 1:17.234
23Nathan McLaughlin31541C 1:17.328
24Owen Adams22023B 1:17.421
25Mack Spokes39326C 1:18.820
26Dash McMillin34134C 1:18.929
27LIAM Atkinson25419C 1:19.492
28Donald Carawan29178C 1:21.250
29Benny Geale1136C 1:21.382
30Nate Brough33872C 1:21.687
31Jimmy Griffin31491C 1:23.804
32Evan Cormack27400C 1:25.335
33chase matott36789C 1:27.046
34Tanner Scott36549C 1:30.210
35Jacob Gosche17019B 1:31.578
36Ben Kongmany35560C 1:33.859
37cody harrington34149C 1:42.132
38Tyler Smith10661CNo Sessions
39Ricky Williams14444BNo Sessions
40Zach Fischer15392CNo Sessions
41Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
42ty sharp18914CNo Sessions
43Adam Smerdon31327CNo Sessions
44Alec Floyd31781CNo Sessions
45Pete Simpkins32547CNo Sessions
46Tristan Powell32796CNo Sessions
47zach coleman33910CNo Sessions
48Devin DUH Simonson36799CNo Sessions
49JR Reyes37458CNo Sessions

250 Novice(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1laquan williams31521C 1:11.859
2Chuckie Nigrin32021C 1:13.070
3Brandon Eade25006C 1:13.335
4alec zellner28734C 1:13.414
5Ben Humphries30001C 1:13.679
6Antoine Mouqueron26568C 1:13.742
7Damion Lawyer33936C 1:13.804
8Brandon Quigley23972B 1:14.648
9Hunter DaSilva20400C 1:14.726
10Trestin Beets33825C 1:15.000
11sdg Carbaugh25253C 1:15.085
12Cody Walker27833C 1:15.765
13Rhys Cooper23371C 1:15.835
14James Layle32685C 1:16.367
15Aaron Campise12283C 1:16.765
16Dylan Revis16277C 1:17.007
17carl novak24545C 1:17.132
18tukker mclean33089C 1:17.156
19Justin Thomas35148C 1:17.664
20Adam Sweeney323C 1:17.898
21Jonas Nordli7201A 1:17.976
22Seth Dennis29872C 1:18.359
23Brian Richards31636C 1:18.554
24Tyler Blowers32835C 1:18.656
25Dash McMillin34134C 1:18.929
26Dalton Gunterman35196C 1:19.539
27dakota revis27258C 1:19.601
28Ram MeHas21737C 1:19.679
29Corey Brennan35731C 1:20.039
30Zac Palm17309C 1:20.132
31Ethan Brown36263C 1:21.062
32Jace Hinrichs32919C 1:21.429
33Joseph Naia37385C 1:22.296
34cody COOPER37364C 1:22.789
35Domanic Kendrick34892C 1:24.726
36Tanner Scott36549C 1:30.210
37chase odom5369C 1:30.414
38Ben Kongmany35560C 1:33.859
39Ethan Funk34148C 1:39.210
40Jack Stacey27247C 1:39.734
41cody harrington34149C 1:42.132
42Christian Arnold33891C 1:42.953
43Justin Hanson20951C 1:58.156
44Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
45Chris Hogberg21023CNo Sessions
46Carter Greer21267CNo Sessions
47Jack Clancy30181CNo Sessions
48Adam Smerdon31327CNo Sessions
49Brody Biggs34527CNo Sessions
50Brandon Austin38619CNo Sessions

Open Pro Results

1colton mitchell676725
2barkevious mingo1479422
3Nathan Guy1252320
4caleb hall1004718
5Erin Rockafellow2534916
6Noah McLaughlin3002215
7☆WALMAN☆ ‎‎1223514
8Brandon Nigrin2261213
9Ricky Hardman1356712
10Chris Post2250411
11Kael Braden2483210
12Carson West265049
13Nick Tomasunas85018
14Ethan Olsen237597
15Nolan Keckley187466
16jontavious snogglebottoms320295
17Trevin Thompson287414

250 Pro Results

1jontavious snogglebottoms3202925
2barkevious mingo1479422
3Brandon Nigrin2261220
4Kael Braden2483218
5Noah McLaughlin3002216
6Nick Tomasunas850115
7caleb hall1004714
8Noah Smerdon2957713
9Erin Rockafellow2534912
10colton mitchell676711
11Tanner Thorsen1666910
12☆WALMAN☆ ‎‎122359
13Nathan Guy125238
14Nolan Keckley187467
15Ethan Olsen237596
16Ricky Hardman135675
17Chris Post225044
18Bentley Tondu222073
19Brandon Sanchez323632
20Trevin Thompson287411

Open AM Results

1Jacob Kelly3490525
2Carson West2650422
3zach coleman3391020
4Zach Fischer1539218
5Brett Thomas1321116
6Alec Horn1955415
7Devin DUH Simonson3679914
8chase matott3678913
9Owen Adams2202312
10Ryder Plouffe2757411
11Ryder Plouffe2757410
12Corey Brennan357319
13Donald Carawan291788
14Joey Arico349997
15Zak Shaffer310696
16Tristan Powell327965
17Alex Rose320874
18Ethan Holland169253

250 AM Results

1Zak Shaffer3106925
2Alec Horn1955422
3Ethan Holland1692520
4Joseph Wagner1375018
5Ryder Plouffe2757416
6Hayden Grimes2480615
7Noah Smerdon2957714
8Damion Lawyer3393613
9zach coleman3391012
10Tristan Powell3279611
11Owen Adams2202310
12Zach Fischer153929
13seth carr336628
14Joey Arico349997
15Seth Harnishfeger336066
16Donald Carawan291785
17Jimmy Griffin314914
18Ryan Stewart352883
19Owen Harnishfeger324562
20Nathan McLaughlin315411
21chase matott367891

250 Novice Results

1alec zellner2873425
2Cody Walker2783322
3James Layle3268520
4Dylan Revis1627718
5Rhys Cooper2337116
6tukker mclean3308915
7Adam Sweeney32314
8dakota revis2725813
9Tyler Blowers3283512
10chase odom536911
11Ram MeHas2173710
12Chris Hogberg210239
13Chuckie Nigrin320218
14Tanner Scott365497
15Trestin Beets338256
16Corey Brennan357315
17sdg Carbaugh252534
18Adam Smerdon313273
19Jace Hinrichs329192
20Brandon Quigley239721
21Ethan Funk341481
22Justin Thomas351481

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