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Supermini(125) - Top 30 Qualify

1Lennart Schmidt13475C 1:40.507
2Ryan Stewart35288C 1:42.039
3Benjamin Miljkovic18517C 1:42.304
4Brody Barton34825C 1:42.476
5Brayden Tharp26349C 1:42.843
6Ethan Holland16925B 1:43.078
7Ryan Swanson34325C 1:44.812
8george knight31555C 1:45.500
9Taylor Payne27856C 1:45.562
10LIAM Atkinson25419C 1:45.882
11Dash McMillin34134C 1:46.796
12Zac joy37814C 1:47.609
13chase odom5369C 1:49.617
14austin davis11020C 1:51.351
15Luke Lee37825C 1:51.359
16Joseph Naia37385C 1:51.382
17Cody Walker27833C 1:52.078
18Nick Casella23435A 2:02.851
19Angus Singleton37275C 2:19.898
20Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
21Leon Tye18628CNo Sessions
22John Murray20057ANo Sessions
23Carson West26504CNo Sessions
24Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
25Dylan Love29623BNo Sessions
26Chuckie Nigrin32021CNo Sessions
27Tristan Powell32796CNo Sessions
28Trace Palmer33023ANo Sessions
29Tristan Raycraft33540CNo Sessions
30Brody Biggs34527CNo Sessions
31Jake Cawthorn36649CNo Sessions
32Alex Griffiths36676CNo Sessions
33Jordan Crowder37933CNo Sessions

125(125) - Top 30 Qualify

1Lennart Schmidt13475C 1:40.507
2Ryan Stewart35288C 1:42.039
3Benjamin Miljkovic18517C 1:42.304
4Brandon Sanchez32363C 1:43.007
5Jett Holyhead30293C 1:43.062
6Ethan Holland16925B 1:43.078
7Derek Jones23778C 1:45.031
8Zachary Adams18905B 1:45.429
9george knight31555C 1:45.500
10Taylor Payne27856C 1:45.562
11LIAM Atkinson25419C 1:45.882
12Dash McMillin34134C 1:46.796
13Zac joy37814C 1:47.609
14Matteo Brusi26954C 1:47.625
15Dylan Revis16277C 1:47.679
16Ronan Wastell36675C 1:49.953
17Lucas Heafner31460C 1:51.265
18Joseph Naia37385C 1:51.382
19Cody Walker27833C 1:52.078
20Lochlan Berg28971C 1:52.085
21jack perry18306C 1:53.625
22James Layle32685C 1:53.906
23Keegan Riley34834C 1:57.070
24Tyson Parliament20904C 1:58.789
25Josh Howard30333C 2:00.765
26Tanner Scott36549C 5:13.460
27Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
28Bentley Tondu22207CNo Sessions
29Ethan Olsen23759BNo Sessions
30sdg Carbaugh25253CNo Sessions
31dakota revis27258CNo Sessions
32jack garfoot27630CNo Sessions
33Joseph Holzapfel28392CNo Sessions
34Dylan Love29623BNo Sessions
35james Pfleghaar30098CNo Sessions
36Kyle Orbit30893CNo Sessions
37Caleb Cauthen31058CNo Sessions
38Lorenzo Butelli32362CNo Sessions
39Jake Stika32381CNo Sessions
40Tristan Powell32796CNo Sessions
41tukker mclean33089CNo Sessions
42Tristan Raycraft33540CNo Sessions
43Justin Thomas35148CNo Sessions
44hudson cooley35694CNo Sessions
45Jonny Welborn35931CNo Sessions
46Jake Cawthorn36649CNo Sessions
47Alex Griffiths36676CNo Sessions
48chase matott36789CNo Sessions
49Jordan Crowder37933CNo Sessions

250 BC(250T/450) - Top 30 Qualify

1Zachary Whitaker22889C 1:40.937
2Austen Bennett22655C 1:41.265
3James Layle32685C 1:44.867
4chase odom5369C 2:15.437
5austin davis11020CNo Sessions
6Donovan Paladino18345CNo Sessions
7Aironas bukauskas19160ANo Sessions
8Derek Jones23778CNo Sessions
9Brayden Tharp26349CNo Sessions
10Lochlan Berg28971CNo Sessions
11Jett Holyhead30293CNo Sessions
12Kyle Orbit30893CNo Sessions
13Trestin Beets33825CNo Sessions
14lachie winchester33911CNo Sessions
15Reid Candella34190CNo Sessions
16Ryan Swanson34325CNo Sessions
17Joey Arico34999ANo Sessions
18Jonny Welborn35931CNo Sessions
19Robbie Fratscher36199BNo Sessions
20Levi Shields36658CNo Sessions
21Ronan Wastell36675CNo Sessions
22Treyton Baxley38807CNo Sessions
23caine harold38818CNo Sessions

Open BC(Open) - Top 30 Qualify

1Brayden Tharp26349C 1:38.828
2Jett Holyhead30293C 1:40.164
3Zachary Whitaker22889C 1:40.937
4Austen Bennett22655C 1:41.265
5Joey Arico34999A 1:41.484
6lachie winchester33911C 1:41.898
7Trestin Beets33825C 1:43.140
8James Layle32685C 1:44.867
9Robbie Fratscher36199B 1:46.101
10Kyle Orbit30893C 1:47.539
11Aironas bukauskas19160A 1:47.679
12Levi Shields36658C 1:51.750
13Donovan Paladino18345C 1:58.226
14caine harold38818C 2:08.945

250 A(250f/250T) - Top 30 Qualify

1Joey Arico34999A 1:41.484
2Benjamin Miljkovic18517C 1:42.304
3Brody Barton34825C 1:42.476
4Matteo Brusi26954C 1:43.156
5Taylor Payne27856C 1:45.562
6Bryan Hedge12946C 1:45.789
7Ryan Swanson34325C 1:53.992
8Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
9Bentley Tondu22207CNo Sessions
10Ethan Olsen23759BNo Sessions
11Chandler Bloxom25877ANo Sessions
12Carson West26504CNo Sessions
13Lorenzo Butelli32362CNo Sessions
14Treyton Baxley38807CNo Sessions

Open A(Open) - Top 30 Qualify

1Brody Barton34825C 1:42.476
2Keegan Riley34834C 1:45.296
3Robbie Fratscher36199B 1:46.101
4Levi Shields36658C 1:51.750
5Lorenzo Butelli32362C 1:57.250
6caine harold38818C 2:08.945
7Richard Lorran15997CNo Sessions
8billy kunitz18057ANo Sessions
9Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
10Leon Tye18628CNo Sessions
11Ethan Olsen23759BNo Sessions
12Chandler Bloxom25877ANo Sessions
13Carson West26504CNo Sessions
14Luke Barnes35659CNo Sessions

Supermini Results

1Lennart Schmidt1347540
2george knight3155539
3Ryan Stewart3528837
4Taylor Payne2785633
5chase odom536932
6Ryan Swanson3432532
7Brody Barton3482529
8LIAM Atkinson2541928
9Brayden Tharp2634926
10Zac joy3781426
11Ethan Holland1692524
12Luke Lee3782523
13lachie winchester3391115
14Joseph Naia373858
15Cody Walker278337
16austin davis110205

125 Results

1Brandon Sanchez3236350
2Jett Holyhead3029344
3Derek Jones2377840
4Ryan Stewart3528832
5Joey Arico3499928
6Ronan Wastell3667528
7Lennart Schmidt1347526
8James Layle3268525
9Zachary Adams1890523
10Zac joy3781422
11Lochlan Berg2897119
12Lucas Heafner3146019
13Joseph Naia3738519
14Ryan Swanson3432516
15Jonny Welborn3593113
16Tyson Parliament2090412
17tukker mclean330895
18LIAM Atkinson254193
19Jake Stika323812
20jack perry183061
21Matteo Brusi269541
22Kyle Orbit308931
23Levi Shields366580

250 BC Results

1Jett Holyhead3029350
2lachie winchester3391140
3Ronan Wastell3667538
4Zachary Whitaker2288936
5Joey Arico3499932
6Aironas bukauskas1916028
7Brayden Tharp2634927
8Kyle Orbit3089326
9Derek Jones2377821
10James Layle3268521
11Robbie Fratscher3619919
12chase odom536918
13Austen Bennett2265518
14austin davis1102016
15Trestin Beets3382515
16Jonny Welborn3593110
17Levi Shields366589
18caine harold388186
19Treyton Baxley388075
20Donovan Paladino183454
21Reid Candella341904

Open BC Results

1lachie winchester3391144
2Jett Holyhead3029343
3Austen Bennett2265540
4Brayden Tharp2634936
5Zachary Whitaker2288931
6Trestin Beets3382531
7Joey Arico3499931
8James Layle3268527
9Kyle Orbit3089324
10Donovan Paladino1834521
11Aironas bukauskas1916014
12Robbie Fratscher361999
13caine harold388188

250 A Results

1Joey Arico3499950
2Brody Barton3482544

Open A Results

1Brody Barton3482550

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