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125 CLASS(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Blake O'Brien17921C 1:33.304
2Seth Garrett18588A 1:33.312
3eduardo simoes2048A 1:34.898
4LIAM Atkinson25419C 1:35.000
5jason stubbs28851C 1:36.851
6Jake Cawthorn36649C 1:37.320
7Derek Jones23778C 1:37.820
8Tanner Thorsen16669C 1:38.218
9Ethan Olsen23759B 1:38.375
10Brody Barton34825C 1:38.375
11Ryan Stewart35288C 1:38.710
12Keegan Riley34834C 1:39.054
13Dean Tye32968C 1:39.226
14Noah Karassy19791B 1:39.453
15Bryan Lee28849C 1:39.500
16Josh Howard30333C 1:39.578
17Kobe Barton9116C 1:39.695
18Thomas McBain30633B 1:40.187
19Joe Brown26740C 1:40.445
20seth petersen19993C 1:40.664
21Sebastien Racine30368C 1:40.773
22taylor miller25608C 1:40.859
23Zachary Whitaker22889C 1:41.335
24chase odom5369C 1:41.500
25chase matott36789C 1:42.359
26Cody Walker27833C 1:42.375
27CHUCKIE nigrin32021C 1:43.000
28Nolan Keckley18746B 1:43.304
29dakota revis27258C 1:43.390
30Hayden Willis34778C 1:43.632
31Zachary Adams18905B 1:44.140
32tukker mclean33089C 1:44.773
33Donovan Paladino18345C 1:46.710
34austin davis11020C 1:47.312
35Jack Borg25371C 1:48.718
36tristan raycraft33540C 1:50.812
37Ayden confer38672C 1:51.164
38Angus Singleton37275C 2:00.820
39Jacob Johnson34695C 2:03.578
40Zach Kyte36749C 2:04.109
41Tanner Scott36549C 2:05.140
42Jeremy Green15935ANo Sessions
43Jarno Steegmans19627CNo Sessions
44Jacob Heun19856CNo Sessions
45Chris Hogberg21023CNo Sessions
46Zachary Cook21287CNo Sessions
47Bentley Tondu22207CNo Sessions
48Nicholas Kelley22683CNo Sessions
49Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
50Riley Hughan23127BNo Sessions
51colton kazarian25595BNo Sessions
52joey bradstreet26321CNo Sessions
53Brayden Tharp26349CNo Sessions
54logan wren26712CNo Sessions
55Joseph Holzapfel28392CNo Sessions
56Jett Holyhead30293CNo Sessions
57jake spease30371CNo Sessions
58Nathan McLaughlin31541CNo Sessions
59Seth Shirley31547CNo Sessions
60christopher rodriguez31653CNo Sessions
61Brandon Sanchez32363CNo Sessions
62Calen Paleologos32544CNo Sessions
63James Layle32685CNo Sessions
64Tristan Powell32796CNo Sessions
65seth carr33662CNo Sessions
66Trestin Beets33825CNo Sessions
67Joey Arico34999BNo Sessions
68Justin Thomas35148CNo Sessions
69Ben Kongmany35560CNo Sessions
70Mason Villegas36790CNo Sessions
71Ryan Pinkerton36809CNo Sessions
72Alex Hoskin37599CNo Sessions
73Kyle Paleologos38696CNo Sessions

250 CLASS(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Blake O'Brien17921C 1:33.304
2Seth Garrett18588A 1:33.312
3Ivan Mirzoev12154C 1:34.554
4eduardo simoes2048A 1:34.898
5LIAM Atkinson25419C 1:35.000
6jason stubbs28851C 1:36.851
7Sean Smith19120C 1:37.140
8Jake Cawthorn36649C 1:37.320
9Derek Jones23778C 1:37.820
10Tanner Thorsen16669C 1:38.218
11Ethan Olsen23759B 1:38.375
12Brody Barton34825C 1:38.375
13Ryan Stewart35288C 1:38.710
14Keegan Riley34834C 1:39.054
15Tyler Blowers32835C 1:39.398
16Noah Karassy19791B 1:39.453
17Bryan Lee28849C 1:39.500
18Josh Howard30333C 1:39.578
19Jared Gumeson15121C 1:39.640
20Kobe Barton9116C 1:39.695
21Corey Brennan35731C 1:39.992
22Thomas McBain30633B 1:40.187
23seth petersen19993C 1:40.664
24taylor miller25608C 1:40.859
25chase odom5369C 1:41.500
26Christian Jonse29867C 1:41.515
27Eli Niord9173C 1:41.812
28chase matott36789C 1:42.359
29Cody Walker27833C 1:42.375
30jake goldsberry37593C 1:42.507
31CHUCKIE nigrin32021C 1:43.000
32Nolan Keckley18746B 1:43.304
33dakota revis27258C 1:43.390
34Hayden Willis34778C 1:43.632
35Kevin Eding20486C 1:43.875
36Zachary Adams18905B 1:44.140
37tukker mclean33089C 1:44.773
38Corbin Weed6876B 1:45.296
39Lance Bettcher32392C 1:45.421
40Donovan Paladino18345C 1:46.710
41austin davis11020C 1:47.312
42Jack Borg25371C 1:48.718
43Daxton Bennick 24866C 1:48.945
44tristan raycraft33540C 1:50.812
45Ayden confer38672C 1:51.164
46Dean Frank32435C 1:52.210
47Zac Palm17309C 1:56.515
48Aiden Eyler25014C 2:00.656
49Angus Singleton37275C 2:00.820
50Jacob Johnson34695C 2:03.578
51Zach Kyte36749C 2:04.109
52Tanner Scott36549C 2:05.140
53Jarno Steegmans19627CNo Sessions
54Chris Hogberg21023CNo Sessions
55Zachary Cook21287CNo Sessions
56Bentley Tondu22207CNo Sessions
57Nicholas Kelley22683CNo Sessions
58Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
59Riley Hughan23127BNo Sessions
60Brandon Quigley23972BNo Sessions
61Michael Keenan25035CNo Sessions
62Cole Roberts 25561CNo Sessions
63colton kazarian25595BNo Sessions
64joey bradstreet26321CNo Sessions
65Brayden Tharp26349CNo Sessions
66logan wren26712CNo Sessions
67matt bernabe27451CNo Sessions
68Joseph Holzapfel28392CNo Sessions
69Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
70Jett Holyhead30293CNo Sessions
71jake spease30371CNo Sessions
72Nathan McLaughlin31541CNo Sessions
73Seth Shirley31547CNo Sessions
74christopher rodriguez31653CNo Sessions
75Shannon Steer32082CNo Sessions
76Brandon Sanchez32363CNo Sessions
77Calen Paleologos32544CNo Sessions
78James Layle32685CNo Sessions
79Tristan Powell32796CNo Sessions
80Keaton Durham33569CNo Sessions
81seth carr33662CNo Sessions
82Trestin Beets33825CNo Sessions
83Rodrigo Borges34272CNo Sessions
84Joey Arico34999BNo Sessions
85Justin Thomas35148CNo Sessions
86Ben Kongmany35560CNo Sessions
87Mason Villegas36790CNo Sessions
88Ryan Pinkerton36809CNo Sessions
89Alex Hoskin37599CNo Sessions
90Jordan Crowder37933CNo Sessions
91Kyle Paleologos38696CNo Sessions

450 CLASS(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Blake O'Brien17921C 1:33.304
2Seth Garrett18588A 1:33.312
3eduardo simoes2048A 1:34.898
4LIAM Atkinson25419C 1:35.000
5Miguel de Waal19848C 1:35.312
6jason stubbs28851C 1:36.851
7Sean Smith19120C 1:37.140
8Jake Cawthorn36649C 1:37.320
9Derek Jones23778C 1:37.820
10Tanner Thorsen16669C 1:38.218
11Ethan Olsen23759B 1:38.375
12Brody Barton34825C 1:38.375
13Ryan Stewart35288C 1:38.710
14Keegan Riley34834C 1:39.054
15Dean Tye32968C 1:39.226
16Tyler Blowers32835C 1:39.398
17Noah Karassy19791B 1:39.453
18Bryan Lee28849C 1:39.500
19Josh Howard30333C 1:39.578
20Kobe Barton9116C 1:39.695
21Thomas McBain30633B 1:40.187
22Sebastien Racine30368C 1:40.773
23taylor miller25608C 1:40.859
24Zachary Whitaker22889C 1:41.335
25jack Lea17615B 1:41.726
26Eli Niord9173C 1:41.812
27chase matott36789C 1:42.359
28jake goldsberry37593C 1:42.507
29Jett Wisdom32889C 1:42.632
30CHUCKIE nigrin32021C 1:43.000
31Nolan Keckley18746B 1:43.304
32dakota revis27258C 1:43.390
33Donovan Paladino18345C 1:46.710
34Jack Borg25371C 1:48.718
35tristan raycraft33540C 1:50.812
36Erick Knowles15304C 1:56.343
37Aiden Eyler25014C 2:00.656
38Jacob Johnson34695C 2:03.578
39Tanner Scott36549C 2:05.140
40Jeremy Green15935ANo Sessions
41mutt cameron18331CNo Sessions
42Jarno Steegmans19627CNo Sessions
43Jacob Heun19856CNo Sessions
44Bentley Tondu22207CNo Sessions
45Nicholas Kelley22683CNo Sessions
46Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
47Riley Hughan23127BNo Sessions
48Michael Keenan25035CNo Sessions
49Cole Roberts 25561CNo Sessions
50joey bradstreet26321CNo Sessions
51Brayden Tharp26349CNo Sessions
52Joseph Holzapfel28392CNo Sessions
53Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
54Gianluca Holder30249CNo Sessions
55Jett Holyhead30293CNo Sessions
56Nathan McLaughlin31541CNo Sessions
57Seth Shirley31547CNo Sessions
58christopher rodriguez31653CNo Sessions
59Shannon Steer32082CNo Sessions
60Brandon Sanchez32363CNo Sessions
61Calen Paleologos32544CNo Sessions
62James Layle32685CNo Sessions
63Tristan Powell32796CNo Sessions
64seth carr33662CNo Sessions
65Trestin Beets33825CNo Sessions
66Joey Arico34999BNo Sessions
67Mason Villegas36790CNo Sessions
68Ryan Pinkerton36809CNo Sessions
69Alex Hoskin37599CNo Sessions
70Jordan Crowder37933CNo Sessions
71Kyle Paleologos38696CNo Sessions
72Martynas Makaras192000CNo Sessions

125 CLASS Results

1Seth Garrett1858850
2LIAM Atkinson2541942
3Tanner Thorsen1666936
4jason stubbs2885133
5eduardo simoes204832
6Dean Tye3296826
7Ryan Stewart3528826
8Tanner Scott3654924
9Brayden Tharp2634923
10Brody Barton3482521
11Noah Karassy1979118
12chase matott3678915
13seth petersen1999314
14Blake O'Brien1792112
15Cody Walker2783312
16Jake Cawthorn3664912
17Joey Arico349999
18tukker mclean330898
19Joseph Holzapfel283927
20taylor miller256086
21Trestin Beets338256
22dakota revis272584
23Kobe Barton91163
24Zachary Adams189052
25Sebastien Racine303682
26Calen Paleologos325441
27James Layle326851
28Jacob Johnson346951
29Donovan Paladino183450
30Bentley Tondu222070
31Nicholas Kelley226830
32Jack Borg253710
33Nathan McLaughlin315410
34Seth Shirley315470
35CHUCKIE nigrin320210
36tristan raycraft335400
37Hayden Willis347780
38Zach Kyte367490
39Ayden confer386720

250 CLASS Results

1Seth Garrett1858841
2Tanner Thorsen1666940
3Ryan Stewart3528840
4eduardo simoes204836
5Tanner Scott3654932
6Brayden Tharp2634930
7Jake Cawthorn3664927
8taylor miller2560824
9LIAM Atkinson2541923
10Kobe Barton911618
11jason stubbs2885118
12seth petersen1999317
13Sean Smith1912015
14Christian Jonse2986715
15Trestin Beets3382512
16Joey Arico3499912
17Corey Brennan3573111
18Brody Barton348259
19Cody Walker278338
20Aiden Eyler250144
21Lance Bettcher323924
22Ben Kongmany355603
23Tyler Blowers328352
24tukker mclean330892
25jake goldsberry375932
26Eli Niord91731
27MXSLobby Administration00
28Donovan Paladino183450
29Bentley Tondu222070
30tristan raycraft335400
31Jacob Johnson346950
32Zach Kyte367490
33chase matott367890

450 CLASS Results

1Seth Garrett1858850
2Tanner Thorsen1666936
3jason stubbs2885135
4Sean Smith1912033
5Ryan Stewart3528828
6Noah Karassy1979124
7Tyler Blowers3283523
8Tanner Scott3654922
9jake goldsberry3759321
10Brayden Tharp2634920
11CHUCKIE nigrin3202119
12LIAM Atkinson2541918
13seth carr3366218
14Eli Niord917317
15Brody Barton3482516
16Aiden Eyler2501414
17Donovan Paladino1834512
18Jack Borg2537112
19Sebastien Racine3036812
20Jake Cawthorn366493
21taylor miller256082
22eduardo simoes20481
23Kobe Barton91161
24chase matott367891
25Austen Bennett226550
26Joseph Holzapfel283920
27Dean Tye329680
28Joey Arico349990

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