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Open Pro(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1James Armstrong4591A 1:05.328
2Chase Desselle6994B 1:06.843
3Reid Young2535A 1:07.742
4Unclaimed Account32846C 1:08.062
5trevor burns32029C 1:09.125
6Daniel Irvine7108C 1:09.242
7Ethan Gerst25569B 1:09.804
8Casey Cochran22060C 1:10.046
9Emmett Sund31619C 1:10.695
10Erin Rockafellow25349C 1:10.757
11Nick Tomasunas8501C 1:10.968
12hollywood wascom31521C 1:11.914
13braden castellaneta13568C 1:12.398
14Nolan Keckley18746B 1:12.734
15Chris Post22504C 1:12.773
16Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:13.039
17Jonathan Alexander29287A 1:13.117
18Josh Bellinger22061C 1:13.929
19Zachary Cook21287C 1:15.515
20Nathan Guy12523C 1:17.453
21Seth Shirley31547C 1:24.671
22Warren Leeder33592C 1:30.773
23Tyler Schmidt1602ANo Sessions
24Knob Gobbler2514CNo Sessions
25Jeremy Smith2528CNo Sessions
26Anthony Twidle4100ANo Sessions
27colton mitchell6767ANo Sessions
28Gunar Fugler7800CNo Sessions
29Atom Holm9437ANo Sessions
30caleb hall10047ANo Sessions
31Bobby Hummer14794ANo Sessions
32Caden Speck17074CNo Sessions
33Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
34Bill Will19552ANo Sessions
35Luke Sullivan22447CNo Sessions
36Brandon Nigrin22612BNo Sessions
37Isaiah Dickerson23262BNo Sessions
38Ethan Olsen23759BNo Sessions
39Grant Harlan23884BNo Sessions
40Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
41Kael Braden24832CNo Sessions
42nathan prin25177CNo Sessions
43Jaden Wilson29859CNo Sessions
44Lorenzo Butelli32362CNo Sessions
45Jett Wisdom32889CNo Sessions
46Rhys Harris33274CNo Sessions

250 Pro(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Jakob Hubbard23971A 1:07.570
2Unclaimed Account32846C 1:08.062
3Tyson Craig21126C 1:08.992
4trevor burns32029C 1:09.125
5Daniel Irvine7108C 1:09.242
6Ethan Gerst25569B 1:09.804
7Casey Cochran22060C 1:10.046
8Emmett Sund31619C 1:10.695
9Tyler Bartlett23482C 1:10.718
10Erin Rockafellow25349C 1:10.757
11Nick Tomasunas8501C 1:10.968
12Kyle Carter22389C 1:11.898
13Brandon Nigrin22612B 1:11.906
14Tanner Thorsen16669C 1:12.101
15braden castellaneta13568C 1:12.398
16seth carr33662C 1:12.515
17Chris Post22504C 1:12.773
18Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:13.039
19Jonathan Alexander29287A 1:13.117
20Zachary Cook21287C 1:15.515
21Nathan Guy12523C 1:17.453
22Seth Shirley31547C 1:24.671
23Tyler Schmidt1602ANo Sessions
24Knob Gobbler2514CNo Sessions
25Jeremy Smith2528CNo Sessions
26Reid Young2535ANo Sessions
27Anthony Twidle4100ANo Sessions
28colton mitchell6767ANo Sessions
29Chase Desselle6994BNo Sessions
30Gunar Fugler7800CNo Sessions
31Atom Holm9437ANo Sessions
32caleb hall10047ANo Sessions
33Bobby Hummer14794ANo Sessions
34Caden Speck17074CNo Sessions
35Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
36Timmy Briscoe19001BNo Sessions
37Ryan Crow22178CNo Sessions
38Luke Sullivan22447CNo Sessions
39Isaiah Dickerson23262BNo Sessions
40Ethan Olsen23759BNo Sessions
41Grant Harlan23884BNo Sessions
42Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
43Hayden Grimes24806BNo Sessions
44Kael Braden24832CNo Sessions
45Jaden Wilson29859CNo Sessions
46Lorenzo Butelli32362CNo Sessions
47Jett Wisdom32889CNo Sessions
48Rhys Harris33274CNo Sessions

Open Am(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Ryan Pinkerton36809C 1:09.539
2gunner johnson36799C 1:10.195
3Alec Horn19554C 1:10.312
4cody penwell6443A 1:10.906
5Noah Smerdon29577C 1:11.234
6Brett Thomas13211C 1:11.250
7Jax Lindsay17953C 1:11.523
8Jeremy Green15935A 1:11.578
9Zak Shaffer31069C 1:11.664
10Damion Lawyer33936C 1:11.718
11Aj Meadows2357C 1:12.281
12Hunter Wood37626C 1:12.359
13Nate Brough33872C 1:12.429
14Ryder Plouffe27574C 1:12.890
15Tyson Parliament20904C 1:12.906
16Gregory Evans33007B 1:13.210
17Bryan Lee28849C 1:13.226
18Jeff Giffen30089C 1:14.312
19Joey Arico34999A 1:14.687
20Cody Walker27833C 1:15.156
21Cole Roberts 25561C 1:15.617
22Jordyn Burrow11945B 1:15.632
23Wesley Martin28683C 1:15.671
24Trevin Thompson28741C 1:16.218
25Kyle Orbit30893C 1:16.492
26joey bradstreet26321C 1:16.695
27JJ Dempsey11964C 1:17.085
28Corbin Weed6876B 1:17.851
29Justin Witteman32814C 1:18.546
30david bradley32938C 1:18.968
31Tristan Raycraft33540C 1:20.320
32Shane Hall32776C 1:27.046
33Evan Cormack27400C 1:27.468
34LIAM Atkinson25419C 1:28.625
35christopher rodriguez31653C 1:28.953
36Sean Smith19120C 1:29.968
37Owen Adams22023B 1:33.812
38Garrett Harsch27950C 1:36.664
39DOUG OAKLEY5723ANo Sessions
40Ricky Hardman13567CNo Sessions
41Zach Fischer15392CNo Sessions
42Diego Ferreira16245CNo Sessions
43Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
44Jarno Steegmans19627CNo Sessions
45Noah Karassy19791BNo Sessions
46Kevin Eding20486CNo Sessions
47Johnny Mayo23155BNo Sessions
48Jett Holyhead30293CNo Sessions
49Josh Howard30333CNo Sessions
50Alexander Lagerkvist31538BNo Sessions
51Tristan Powell32796CNo Sessions
52noah robinson37487CNo Sessions

250 Am(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Ryan Pinkerton36809C 1:09.539
2gunner johnson36799C 1:10.195
3Alec Horn19554C 1:10.312
4Noah Smerdon29577C 1:11.234
5Brett Thomas13211C 1:11.250
6Seth Harnishfeger33606C 1:11.468
7Jax Lindsay17953C 1:11.523
8Zak Shaffer31069C 1:11.664
9Damion Lawyer33936C 1:11.718
10Ryan Stewart35288C 1:11.796
11Joseph Wagner13750C 1:12.031
12Brayden Tharp26349C 1:12.156
13Aj Meadows2357C 1:12.281
14Hunter Wood37626C 1:12.359
15Nate Brough33872C 1:12.429
16alec zellner28734C 1:12.500
17seth carr33662C 1:12.515
18Ben Humphries30001C 1:12.835
19Ethan Holland16925B 1:12.890
20Ryder Plouffe27574C 1:12.890
21Nathan McLaughlin31541C 1:13.140
22Michael Lacore 24711A 1:13.226
23Bryan Lee28849C 1:13.226
24Tyler Blowers32835C 1:13.328
25Trestin Beets33825C 1:13.460
26Brandon Quigley23972B 1:14.296
27Jeff Giffen30089C 1:14.312
28Tanner Scott36549C 1:14.476
29Joey Arico34999A 1:14.687
30Aiden Eyler25014C 1:15.414
31Charlie Owen34141C 1:15.429
32Cole Roberts 25561C 1:15.617
33Wesley Martin28683C 1:15.671
34Kohlton Feagin26425C 1:15.710
35Owen Harnishfeger32456C 1:15.757
36Pete Simpkins32547C 1:15.789
37Trace Palmer33023A 1:16.203
38Trevin Thompson28741C 1:16.218
39joey bradstreet26321C 1:16.695
40Zac Palm17309C 1:17.281
41Grant Eckardt18819C 1:17.960
42tukker mclean33089C 1:18.203
43Ram MeHas21737C 1:19.703
44Isaiah Lamb13290C 1:25.617
45Jace Hinrichs32919C 1:26.890
46Shane Hall32776C 1:27.046
47Jacob Johnson34695C 1:27.359
48Evan Cormack27400C 1:27.468
49LIAM Atkinson25419C 1:28.625
50Sebastien Racine30368C 1:32.765
51Owen Adams22023B 1:33.812
52Adam Smerdon31327C 1:37.906
53Ben Kongmany35560C 1:38.218
54Bentley Tondu22207C 1:43.765
55Mason Daugherty30129C 1:47.851
56Ricky Hardman13567CNo Sessions
57Zach Fischer15392CNo Sessions
58Timmy Briscoe19001BNo Sessions
59Noah Karassy19791BNo Sessions
60Kevin Eding20486CNo Sessions
61Noa Houque25473CNo Sessions
62Breno Loss27754CNo Sessions
63james Pfleghaar30098CNo Sessions
64Jett Holyhead30293CNo Sessions
65Alexander Lagerkvist31538BNo Sessions
66Tristan Powell32796CNo Sessions
67colten beattie34442CNo Sessions
68noah robinson37487CNo Sessions

250 Novice(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Ryan Stewart35288C 1:11.796
2hollywood wascom31521C 1:11.914
3Brayden Tharp26349C 1:12.156
4alec zellner28734C 1:12.500
5Ben Humphries30001C 1:12.835
6Nathan McLaughlin31541C 1:13.140
7Tyler Blowers32835C 1:13.328
8Trestin Beets33825C 1:13.460
9Brandon Quigley23972B 1:14.296
10Tanner Scott36549C 1:14.476
11Dash McMillin34134C 1:14.593
12cody COOPER37364C 1:14.625
13Chuckie Nigrin32021C 1:14.906
14Cody Walker27833C 1:15.156
15James Layle32685C 1:15.179
16Matthew LeBlanc34474C 1:15.375
17Aiden Eyler25014C 1:15.414
18Charlie Owen34141C 1:15.429
19Trace Palmer33023A 1:16.203
20Ethan Brown36263C 1:16.367
21michael mosiman39918C 1:16.437
22Kyle Orbit30893C 1:16.492
23carl novak24545C 1:16.851
24Tyler Mollet27463C 1:16.914
25Victor Laux29340C 1:16.921
26Zac Palm17309C 1:17.281
27will clark11019C 1:17.531
28Tom Lees Jr.19228C 1:17.554
29Kaiden Carnes38583C 1:17.703
30JoJo Dashosh17892C 1:17.726
31Corbin Weed6876B 1:17.851
32Grant Eckardt18819C 1:17.960
33tukker mclean33089C 1:18.203
34david bradley32938C 1:18.968
35Tyler More31898C 1:19.226
36Ram MeHas21737C 1:19.703
37Tristan Raycraft33540C 1:20.320
38Corey Brennan35731C 1:21.179
39Zachary Adams18905B 1:22.007
40Brendan Carrington33356C 1:22.250
41Justin Allison30267C 1:22.500
42Domanic Kendrick34892C 1:26.546
43Jace Hinrichs32919C 1:26.890
44Jacob Johnson34695C 1:27.359
45Jake Beech27590C 1:28.554
46christopher rodriguez31653C 1:28.953
47Sean Smith19120C 1:29.968
48Sebastien Racine30368C 1:32.765
49Alistair Dickert35205C 1:34.039
50Reid Candella34190C 1:34.250
51Hayden Willis34778C 1:34.578
52Adam Smerdon31327C 1:37.906
53Ben Kongmany35560C 1:38.218
54Stefan Ciarafoni30033C 1:43.703
55Bentley Tondu22207C 1:43.765
56Brody Biggs34527C 1:44.382
57Kieron O'sullivan8225C 1:51.117
58Collin Clark32476C 2:42.765
59Chris Hogberg21023CNo Sessions
60Brittan Lees24402CNo Sessions
61Noa Houque25473CNo Sessions
62Breno Loss27754CNo Sessions
63james Pfleghaar30098CNo Sessions
64Josh Howard30333CNo Sessions
65colten beattie34442CNo Sessions
66Nathan murray36923CNo Sessions
67Angus Singleton37275CNo Sessions
68jake goldsberry37593CNo Sessions
69Luke Lee37825CNo Sessions

Open Pro Results

1colton mitchell676725
2Knob Gobbler251422
3Atom Holm943720
4Caden Speck1707418
5Reid Young253516
6Daniel Irvine710815
7caleb hall1004714
8hollywood wascom3152113
9Kael Braden2483212
10Erin Rockafellow2534911
11Jonathan Alexander2928710
12Ethan Gerst255699
13Tyler Lang145398
14Jaden Wilson298597
15trevor burns320296
16Luke Sullivan224475
17Josh Boaz328464

250 Pro Results

1Casey Cochran2206025
2Daniel Irvine710822
3trevor burns3202920
4Josh Boaz3284618
5colton mitchell676716
6Ethan Gerst2556915
7caleb hall1004714
8Tyler Lang1453913
9Knob Gobbler251412
10Tanner Thorsen1666911
11Erin Rockafellow2534910
12Caden Speck170749
13Atom Holm94378
14Gunar Fugler78007
15Hayden Grimes248066
16Reid Young25355
17Kael Braden248324
18Jaden Wilson298593
19Emmett Sund316192
20Brandon Nigrin226121

Open Am Results

2Brett Thomas1321122
3Noah Karassy1979120
4Zach Fischer1539218
5Ricky Hardman1356716
6Ryan Pinkerton3680915
7Alec Horn1955414
8Damion Lawyer3393613
9Nate Brough3387212
10Ryder Plouffe2757411
11Corbin Weed687610
12david bradley329389
13Nathan McLaughlin315418
14JJ Dempsey119647
15Cody Walker278336
16Shane Hall327765
17Noah Smerdon295774
18Zak Shaffer310693

250 Am Results

1Noah Smerdon2957725
2Alec Horn1955422
3Ben Humphries3000120
4Ryder Plouffe2757418
5Seth Harnishfeger3360616
6Brett Thomas1321115
7Ryan Stewart3528814
8alec zellner2873413
9Damion Lawyer3393612
10Zach Fischer1539211
11Ricky Hardman1356710
12Nate Brough338729
13Brayden Tharp263498
14Aiden Eyler250147
15Zak Shaffer310696
16Tanner Scott365495
17Ryan Pinkerton368094
18Joey Arico349993
19Noah Karassy197912
20Nathan McLaughlin315411

250 Novice Results

1Ben Humphries3000125
2alec zellner2873422
3Ryan Stewart3528820
4Chuckie Nigrin3202118
5hollywood wascom3152116
6Tyler Blowers3283515
7Tanner Scott3654914
8Brayden Tharp2634913
9James Layle3268512
10Justin Allison3026711
11michael mosiman3991810
12Charlie Owen341419
13Dash McMillin341348
14Victor Laux293407
15tukker mclean330896
16cody COOPER373645
17Aiden Eyler250144
18Tyler Mollet274633
19Ethan Brown362632
20carl novak245451
21Cody Walker278331
22Nathan McLaughlin315411

  • Name of Protested Rider:
  • UID of Protested Rider:
  • Demo Link:
  • Demo Time:
  • Type:

Protesting Rider: Joey Arico

Protested Rider: Tanner Scott(36549)

Protest Message: "Purposely cleaning people out "

two week ban for cutting bails to clean another racer

Demo Time:5:01-5:08 and 5:10-5:13