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Open(Open) - Top 35 Qualify

1Justin Time18012C 2:06.031
2Johnnie McIntyre17547C 2:10.210
3Clay Roberts18875C 2:10.914
4Mads Gasberg8923C 2:11.523
5Grant Slater14586C 2:11.789
6Justin Harper11963C 2:12.125
7Ryan Wynn12982C 2:14.664
8Chris Schmieder321B 2:15.421
9Jacob Carter16485C 2:15.617
10Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 2:16.015
11Blake Starnes12863B 2:17.023
12Zachary Corbett3262C 2:17.718
13Alex Heckman18576A 2:19.093
14Grant Dawson10828C 2:19.101
15Nick Kuenzig16791C 2:19.171
16Ethan Parks17880A 2:19.500
17Alemao Formentao13918C 2:19.750
18Jeremy Atkinson5381B 2:20.273
19Rasmus Brose5400C 2:20.640
20Cody Branson15155A 2:21.015
21Roman Rositani18967C 2:21.460
22Bo VanWyngarden13210C 2:21.546
23Sean Klein18646A 2:21.734
24Aaron Bonneau17548A 2:21.742
25Cory Higgison1813C 2:22.570
26Tanner Thorsen16669C 2:23.085
27zack mock17060C 2:24.523
28Eric O'Connor18722C 2:25.945
29Anthony Conti9101C 2:27.375
30michael mudge14924C 2:29.015
31Jeffrey Johnson5906C 2:29.773
32Lasse Brose10427C 2:30.164
33Ethan Holland16925B 2:30.398
34Austin Brown17653B 2:31.773
35Logan Thompson11648C 2:31.968
36Manuel Wiedmann10673C 2:33.085
37Dylan Ogilby17970C 2:33.609
38craig strausbaugh12917C 2:36.796
39Dwayne Cusano18759C 2:40.625
40Andrew Wallace16799C 2:41.257
41Andrew Thacker16973C 2:42.609
42Jake Rose16679A 2:42.929
43John Dagan8589C 2:46.648
44Robert Galloway5395C 2:48.007
45Angelo Cribari17564C 2:53.031
46Aleksander Silva10414C 3:05.859
47Aiden Shewcow17355B 3:09.359
48Dixie Normous11465C 3:11.890
49Gene Kelley14819C 3:12.101
50Matthew Sanders18770C 3:40.375
51jayden vacher15742C 3:58.882
52Tyler Horvath2800ANo Sessions
53Andrew Beveridge3115CNo Sessions
54Francis Heather3774CNo Sessions
55James McKie4448CNo Sessions
56Logan Heagney6521ANo Sessions
57Connor Robertson9656CNo Sessions
58Kaihlib Tipene9806CNo Sessions
59Zoa Cross10610ANo Sessions
60Kirill Plotnikov13107CNo Sessions
61parker allen14948BNo Sessions
62Ben Seaburg15153ANo Sessions
63Donny Olijslager15690CNo Sessions
64Mike Smith15870CNo Sessions
65Blaine Haub16953CNo Sessions
66Braiden Ehle17003BNo Sessions
67Ryan Neale17026CNo Sessions
68Anaker VALAYER18138CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Justin Harper1196347
2Grant Slater1458640
3Chris Schmieder32138
4Justin Time1801234
5Johnnie McIntyre1754733
6Mads Gasberg892331
7Zachary Corbett326230
8Dixie Normous1146525
9Alex Heckman1857624
10Grant Dawson1082823
11Ethan Parks1788016
12Sean Klein1864616
13Rasmus Brose540013
14Bo VanWyngarden1321012
15zack mock1706011
16Nick Kuenzig1679110
17Eric O'Connor1872210
18Cody Branson151559
19Roman Rositani189679
20Lasse Brose104276
21Blake Starnes128636
22Dwayne Cusano187592
23Austin Brown176531
24Cory Higgison18130
25Jeffrey Johnson59060
26Anthony Conti91010
27Alemao Formentao139180
28Aiden Shewcow173550
29Angelo Cribari175640

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