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250(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tanguy Prost20285C 0:59.039
2Aurélien BAILLIF29641C 0:59.078
3Mads Boel34354C 1:03.101
4Kaleb Armstrong30410C 1:03.117
5Esteban Minisini17743C 1:03.515
6Madias El Mohor30698C 1:03.687
7Dylan Brard22215C 1:03.750
8Sem Demeester26374C 1:03.937
9Tyler Loomis24939B 1:04.039
10Mats Gys25303C 1:04.429
11hayden stevenson23379B 1:04.468
12James Ward22013C 1:05.867
13Magnus Gregersen37330C 1:05.976
14Trestin Beets33825C 1:06.078
15Dean Frank37006C 1:09.953
16carsyn forcum17002C 1:11.867
17Brad Rosembarg37110C 1:14.906
18Nicklas Langstrup27130C 1:17.976
19Bertram Hansen39172C 1:32.328
20Dylan Rodriguez36176C 1:49.937
21aaron wynant39249C 6:26.406
22Joseph Wagner13750CNo Sessions
23Sem Demeester19497CNo Sessions
24Ian Brauning19909CNo Sessions
25Bentley Tondu22207CNo Sessions
26Bodhi Pangle23369CNo Sessions
27Nate van Tatenhove25469CNo Sessions
28tukker mclean33089CNo Sessions
29tristan raycraft33540CNo Sessions
30Charlie Owen34141CNo Sessions
31Ben Kongmany35560CNo Sessions
32Tanner Scott36549CNo Sessions
33Patrick mossel36975CNo Sessions
34Emil saxager37362CNo Sessions
35Hans Christian Mattson 39075CNo Sessions

450(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1bocquet jean michel22931C 0:58.734
2Joulyan Ory24277C 0:59.789
3Aiden Coleman22455B 1:01.085
4Nolan Keckley18746B 1:02.296
5Adas Papievis23593C 1:03.093
6Sydas Gailiušis24293C 1:03.601
7Mathias DIDIER34676C 1:04.859
8Martin Viberg26455C 1:06.062
9Jarno Steegmans19627C 1:11.500
10Josh Bellinger22061C 1:13.273
11Jakob Madsen31269C 1:13.906
12Ashton Rakofsky24566B 1:14.851
13Anthony Twidle4100ANo Sessions
14Tyler Groening14814BNo Sessions
15Ethan Howell15268ANo Sessions
16Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
17Austen Bennett22655CNo Sessions
18Quentin Faure24700CNo Sessions
19Marco Rudolph33912CNo Sessions
20Jérémy Babu36565CNo Sessions
21mykolas stundzia37163CNo Sessions

250 Results

1Josh Boaz2595825
2hayden stevenson2337922
3Dylan Brard2221520
4Aurélien BAILLIF2964118
5Magnus Gregersen3733016
6Mats Gys2530315
7Mads Boel3435414
8Nicklas Langstrup2713013
9Esteban Minisini1774312
10Madias El Mohor3069811
11Patrick mossel3697510
12Bodhi Pangle233699
13Hans Christian Mattson 390758

450 Results

1Quentin Faure2470025
2Joulyan Ory2427722
3Sydas Gailiušis2429320
4Jakob Madsen3126918
5Martin Viberg2645516
6Adas Papievis2359315
7mykolas stundzia3716314
8Jérémy Babu3656513

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