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125 ALL STAR(125) - Top 32 Qualify

1Brandon Nigrin22612B 0:21.445
2Seth Garrett18588A 0:21.460
3Dylan Love29623B 0:21.757
4Jacob Kelly34905C 0:22.390
5Nick Niles20656C 0:22.523
6Joey Arico34999A 0:22.593
7Chuckie Nigrin32021C 0:22.781
8Jarno Steegmans19627C 0:22.796
9Sonny Spicer23831C 0:22.812
10Brent Heintzelman683A 0:22.851
11Noah McLaughlin30022C 0:22.890
12Justin Sanders5382C 0:23.101
13Harry Birchmore19844C 0:23.210
14Ethan Curran30702C 0:23.789
15Garrett Stice18766C 0:24.039
16Alan Nevers23129C 0:24.187
17James Layle32685C 0:24.601
18Gerald Hurkderger18709B 0:24.726
19Zachary Adams18905B 0:25.226
20Ryan Stoll16990C 0:25.468
21Jack Borg25371C 0:25.648
22Matthew LeBlanc34474C 0:28.570
23Joshua Lemire38056C 0:33.500
24Ethan Holland16925BNo Sessions
25Tom Lees Jr.19228CNo Sessions
26Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
27Samuel Bragg26490CNo Sessions
28Sam Hawes28267CNo Sessions
29Kaleb Armstrong30410CNo Sessions
30Madias El Mohor30698CNo Sessions
31Nathan McLaughlin31541CNo Sessions
32george knight31555CNo Sessions
33Dash McMillin34134CNo Sessions
34Ashton Kreiger35555CNo Sessions
35Ben Kongmany35560CNo Sessions
36shelby Rempel36241CNo Sessions
37Kyle Paleologos38696CNo Sessions
38Kalin Gunnell39882CNo Sessions

250(125/250) - Top 32 Qualify

1Jett Holyhead30293C 0:20.875
2Brandon Nigrin22612B 0:21.085
3Rhys Harris45660C 0:21.156
4Tyler Scheels23780C 0:21.265
5Seth Garrett18588A 0:21.375
6Dylan Love29623B 0:21.757
7Trevin Thompson28741C 0:21.890
8Ryder Gwynn18752C 0:21.898
9Noah McLaughlin30022C 0:21.945
10Joey Arico34999A 0:22.085
11Sonny Spicer23831C 0:22.171
12Kael Braden24832C 0:22.242
13Nick Niles20656C 0:22.265
14Matthew LeBlanc34474C 0:22.312
15Harry Birchmore19844C 0:22.320
16Owen Adams22023B 0:22.343
17Joseph Pilsner22937C 0:22.359
18Zach Fischer15392C 0:22.367
19James McKie4448C 0:22.382
20Sam Hawes28267C 0:22.406
21noah robinson37487C 0:22.414
22Dylan Adams31126C 0:22.445
23Dominic Saulnier1809A 0:22.507
24Tom Lees Jr.19228C 0:22.695
25Carter Halpain30376C 0:22.703
26Chuckie Nigrin32021C 0:22.710
27Justin Sanders5382C 0:22.726
28Brent Heintzelman683A 0:22.773
29Josh Bellinger22061C 0:22.812
30Ethan Curran30702C 0:22.812
31freakin steez33556C 0:22.812
32Ryan Stewart35288C 0:22.921
33Samuel Bragg26490C 0:22.929
34george knight31555C 0:23.234
35Ryan Stoll16990C 0:23.335
36Ryder Pietro19408C 0:23.367
37michael mosiman39918C 0:23.468
38James Layle32685C 0:23.523
39Kaden Koepke37339C 0:23.554
40Dominic Dunford38719C 0:23.812
41Justin Adams Jr30971C 0:23.835
42Bertram Hansen39172C 0:23.875
43Zachary Adams18905B 0:23.976
44Alan Nevers23129C 0:24.187
45Brad Rosembarg37110C 0:24.507
46Gerald Hurkderger18709B 0:24.726
47austin batzer37894C 0:25.015
48chase odom5369CNo Sessions
49Nathan Guy12523CNo Sessions
50Joseph Wagner13750CNo Sessions
51keith ball14956CNo Sessions
52Brandon ma16133CNo Sessions
53Ethan Holland16925BNo Sessions
54Donovan Paladino18345CNo Sessions
55Noah Karassy19791BNo Sessions
56Bentley Tondu22207CNo Sessions
57Chandler Bloxom25877ANo Sessions
58sam butler26920CNo Sessions
59Cody Walker27833CNo Sessions
60Josh Howard30333CNo Sessions
61jake spease30371CNo Sessions
62Kaleb Armstrong30410CNo Sessions
63Madias El Mohor30698CNo Sessions
64Luke Fauser31147CNo Sessions
65Nathan McLaughlin31541CNo Sessions
66Tyler More31898CNo Sessions
67Dash McMillin34134CNo Sessions
68Ashton Kreiger35555CNo Sessions
69Ben Kongmany35560CNo Sessions
70James Waldron35695CNo Sessions
71Corey Brennan35731CNo Sessions
72shelby Rempel36241CNo Sessions
73Da'quintin Houston36799CNo Sessions
74Ashley-John Matthews37121CNo Sessions
75Kyle Paleologos38696CNo Sessions

450(250T/450) - Top 32 Qualify

1James Armstrong4591A 0:20.468
2Rhys Harris45660C 0:21.156
3Jett Holyhead30293C 0:21.718
4Austen Bennett22655C 0:21.976
5Miguel de Waal19848C 0:22.125
6Diego Ferreira16245C 0:22.335
7Owen Adams22023B 0:22.343
8Luke Griffin29543C 0:22.460
9eric kidney8694C 0:22.546
10Josh Bellinger22061C 0:22.812
11Josh Barr12268C 0:24.085
12caleb hall10047ANo Sessions
13Kiefer Martin11994CNo Sessions
14Noah Napoli14996CNo Sessions
15Zach Fischer15392CNo Sessions
16Richard Lorran15997CNo Sessions
17Donovan Paladino18345CNo Sessions
18Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
19Ryder Gwynn18752CNo Sessions
20Garrett Stice18766CNo Sessions
21Jarno Steegmans19627CNo Sessions
22Noah Karassy19791BNo Sessions
23Tyler Scheels23780CNo Sessions
24Jack Borg25371CNo Sessions
25David Fernandez25766BNo Sessions
26Cody Walker27833CNo Sessions
27jake spease30371CNo Sessions
28Carter Halpain30376CNo Sessions
29Jacob Kelly34905CNo Sessions
30Dylan Rodriguez36176CNo Sessions
31Shawn Lucero36711CNo Sessions
32Da'quintin Houston36799CNo Sessions
33noah robinson37487CNo Sessions
34Joshua Lemire38056CNo Sessions
35michael mosiman39918CNo Sessions

125 ALL STAR Results

1Brandon Nigrin2261225
2Joey Arico3499922
3Seth Garrett1858820
4Noah McLaughlin3002218
5Brent Heintzelman68316
6Justin Sanders538215
7Trevin Thompson2874114
8Nick Niles2065613
9Ashton kreiger3714712
10Sonny Spicer2383111
11Jacob Kelly3490510
12Harry Birchmore198449
13Jack Borg253718
14Joshua Lemire380567
15Zachary Adams189056
16Tom Lees Jr.192285
17Chuckie Nigrin320214
18Kyle Paleologos386963
19Ryan Stoll169902

250 Results

1Seth Garrett1858825
2Noah McLaughlin3002222
3Tyler Scheels2378020
4Trevin Thompson2874118
5Brandon Nigrin2261216
6Chuckie Nigrin3202115
7Rhys Harris4566014
8Joey Arico3499913
9Brent Heintzelman68312
10Tom Lees Jr.1922811
11Harry Birchmore1984410
12Justin Sanders53829
13michael mosiman399188
14Noah Karassy197917
15Jett Holyhead302936
16Ryder Gwynn187525

450 Results

1Seth Garrett1858825
2Rhys Harris4566022
3Tyler Scheels2378020
4Jacob Kelly3490518
5Da'quintin Houston3679916
6Joey Arico3499915
7Nick Niles2065614
8Noah McLaughlin3002213
9Noah Napoli1499612
10Zachary Adams1890511
11Ashton kreiger3714710
12Ryder Gwynn187529
13Austen Bennett226558
14Joshua Lemire380567
15michael mosiman399186
16Trevin Thompson287415
17noah robinson374874
18Zach Fischer153923

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