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Open(Open) - Top 24 Qualify

1Connor Lynds17192C 0:50.203
2Devin Davis4275A 0:52.250
3jamal qualamire ‎‎twester chenster barthalamew the 3rd jr #blm12235A 0:53.218
4Maxime Tison4820A 0:54.820
5Tony Rubio4455B 0:55.367
6Antonio Pallarés16172C 0:56.281
7Zachary Lerma4456B 0:56.320
8Tony Spinelli2606A 0:56.679
9Jeremi Seabolt9061A 0:56.953
10Anthony Twidle4100A 0:57.156
11Sammy Holt2445A 0:57.937
12Race bonds7254B 0:59.062
13Gavin Richards7337B 1:00.937
14Tyler Morin3984A 1:03.585
15jake webb12163C 1:04.390
16Jeremy Gwiozdowski7750C 1:05.445
17Tyler Lang14539A 1:07.921
18harvey mushman14794A 1:12.429
19Zachery Nobrega2759B 1:14.062
20Daniel Bachlet5927A 1:15.320
21Ivan Medina6649B 1:15.341
22Dylan Ogilby17970C 1:22.984
23Alex Carlo3950A 1:24.296
24Conner Peavy14821B 1:25.867
25Connor Robertson9656C 1:32.000
26Anaker VALAYER18138C 1:32.304
27michael mudge14924C 1:54.195
28Hunter Mead11781C 2:41.101
29Ryan Clark1236BNo Sessions
30Dominic Saulnier1809ANo Sessions
31Brady Standley3452ANo Sessions
32Aaron Hachi3889ANo Sessions
33Brandon Berg5784ANo Sessions
34Matthew Model10018BNo Sessions
35Matthew Model10018BNo Sessions
36Aleksander Silva10414CNo Sessions
37Tyler Nichols12071ANo Sessions
38Nick Uzick12424ANo Sessions
39craig strausbaugh12917CNo Sessions
40Clay Alfrey13020ANo Sessions
41Alemao Formentao13918CNo Sessions
42David Wright15131ANo Sessions
43jt dee15235BNo Sessions
44Jake Rose16679ANo Sessions
45Andrew Wallace16799CNo Sessions
46Rowdy Houston17764CNo Sessions
47Kyle Hager18401CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Jeremi Seabolt906125
2Connor Lynds1719222
3Maxime Tison482020
4Devin Davis427518
5Matthew Model1001816
6Zachary Lerma445615
7Gavin Richards733714
8Tyler Lang1453913
9Daniel Bachlet592712
10Dominic Saulnier180911
11Tony Spinelli260610
12Ivan Medina66499

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