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Open AB(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1noah viney22039C 2:17.500
2Lucas King49161C 2:18.164

Open C(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Jeboris Willbrant28657C 2:08.578
2Levi Briggs32375C 2:10.312
3Chris Post22504C 2:10.750
4Zac Brumfield20233C 2:12.132
5Hunter DaSilva20400C 2:12.593
6Jackson Roger29485C 2:12.890
7Clayton Smith40109C 2:13.515
8Jack Ellis27374C 2:13.710
9Kevin Eding20486C 2:14.398
10Tristan Raycraft33540C 2:14.789
11nate thrasher21502C 2:14.898
12Beau Wolever24592B 2:15.046
13sam butler26920C 2:15.062
14myles gilmore26361C 2:15.585
15Tristan Coup37929C 2:15.765
16Johnny Goforth3361C 2:16.125
17Jack Mark49207C 2:16.148
18Connor Cappetta34211C 2:16.187
19Colton Durand12641C 2:16.335
20Chris Petrie35266C 2:16.445
21Zane Dorrell34467C 2:16.625
22Braden Smith27826C 2:17.054
23Bodhi Pangle23369C 2:17.289
24Jacob Johnson34695C 2:17.968
25Theo Ferm25529C 2:18.101
26Jack Clancy30181C 2:18.140
27Jace Hinrichs32919C 2:19.351
28Jacob Kingsfield39754C 2:22.265
29Harrison Gafford37181C 2:23.562
30dakota revis27258C 2:23.851
31Dylan Yates46515C 2:24.007
32Jonmarc Sorensen43288C 2:24.203
33David Salas39768C 2:25.976
34Kellen Sampson45884C 2:28.101
35Dalton Scharnagl22700C 2:29.398
36gunnar ortiz45543C 2:30.109
37joe nicol19953C 2:30.781
38Billy Pasfield38968C 2:32.429
39harvey mushman14794A 2:32.695
40kees mortimer21612C 2:35.171
41Deacon Cox39785C 2:36.734
42Domanic Kendrick34892C 2:39.726
43Corben Slatter34700C 2:40.875
44Leandro Murray27755C 2:44.750
45Unclaimed Account49333C 3:01.539
46CJ Benard38547C 3:06.367
47Ryan Bellamy25122C 3:12.367
48Gryffinn King49040C 3:17.796
49Big Floyd14796CNo Sessions
50Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
51Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
52Trey Padilla25103CNo Sessions
53tyler wren26443CNo Sessions
54Justin Carney29086BNo Sessions
55Christian Jonse29867CNo Sessions
56Zach Kyte36749CNo Sessions
57Brad Rosembarg37110CNo Sessions
58Chase Carr38255CNo Sessions
59jackson vick39217CNo Sessions
60seth devers39448CNo Sessions
61Brady Olson42296CNo Sessions
62Beau Oxford43339CNo Sessions
63hayden davey45865CNo Sessions
64Colton Adams49677CNo Sessions
65Dane Bollenbach49834CNo Sessions

Open AB Results

1Noah Smerdon2957750
2jonathan hernandez3388740
3Owen Adams2202337
4Zachary Adams1890535
5Tory Lanez1003728
6Jeboris Willbrant2865727
7Landon Ferguson2634125
8nate thrasher2150218
9Lucas Arriagada3884218
10michael mudge1492416
11devin simonson2127515
12Benjamin Miljkovic1851712
13Sem Wijgman2195711
14Caleb Bates2206410
15Lucas King491619
16Braden Carter182358

Open C Results

1Zac Brumfield2023339
2Levi Briggs3237538
3Chris Post2250437
4Clayton Smith4010933
5Braden Smith2782629
6Benjamin Miljkovic1851722
7Trey Padilla2510321
8nate thrasher2150220
9Tristan Coup3792920
10Johnny Goforth336118
11Jackson Roger2948517
12Josh Boaz4954617
13Hunter DaSilva2040015
14Jeboris Willbrant2865715
15Jace Hinrichs3291915
16Jacob Johnson3469515
17Jack Mark4920715
18Billy Pasfield3896812
19myles gilmore2636110
20Jack Ellis2737410
21harvey mushman147947
22kees mortimer216127
23Jonmarc Sorensen432887
24Dylan Yates465154
25Bodhi Pangle233691
26Corben Slatter347001
27CJ Benard385471
28tyler wren264430
29Leandro Murray277550
30Jack Clancy301810
31Chris Petrie352660
32Harrison Gafford371810
33David Salas397680
34Deacon Cox397850
35Brady Olson422960
36gunnar ortiz455430
37Gryffinn King490400
38Lucas King491610
39Josh Boaz493330

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