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125 Open(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Brady Standley3452A 0:43.046
2Holden Cote5629A 0:46.140
3Riley Goodfellow 3066A 0:47.257
4Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 0:47.929
5AJ Fisher15549C 0:48.859
6Unclaimed Account8479C 0:48.945
7Jordan Moxey18285A 0:50.601
8kyle Staton11345C 0:51.390
9lucas alpaugh12382C 0:52.140
10Tommy Zimmerman15696B 0:53.218
11Jake Fisher15550C 0:53.375
12Jake Rose16679A 0:53.734
13Taylor Davis3022C 0:54.203
14William Seim15379B 0:54.609
15Tyler Groening14814B 0:56.218
16Jeremiah Titus12276C 0:58.718
17Andrew Varvel18265C 1:15.476
18Kyle Hager18401C 1:18.679
19Gavin Smith10250B 1:27.757
20Alex Carlo3950ANo Sessions
21Dakota Money8543CNo Sessions
22Eneas Tavella10863BNo Sessions
23Ben McLeod11716ANo Sessions
24Unclaimed Account12870CNo Sessions
25Foster Saunders15431BNo Sessions
26Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions
27Nick Kuenzig16791CNo Sessions
28Rowdy Houston17764CNo Sessions
29Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
30Braden Carter18235ANo Sessions

250 Open(250f/250T) - Top 40 Qualify

1Brady Standley3452A 0:42.062
2Conner Peavy14821B 0:44.218
3Holden Cote5629A 0:45.898
4Jeremy Atkinson5381B 0:45.984
5Riley Goodfellow 3066A 0:46.265
6Braden Carter18235A 0:46.804
7Chris Santino2083B 0:46.843
8Dominic Saulnier1809A 0:47.046
9Unclaimed Account8479C 0:47.148
10AJ Fisher15549C 0:47.296
11Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 0:47.320
12Jacob Carter16485C 0:47.843
13Ethan Parks17880A 0:47.875
14Christoffer Bergman8029C 0:47.906
15Clay Roberts18875C 0:48.164
16Unclaimed Account13409C 0:48.429
17Jordan Moxey18285A 0:48.804
18William Seim15379B 0:49.093
19Dakota Money8543C 0:49.148
20lucas alpaugh12382C 0:49.828
21Josh Hamilton8430B 0:49.867
22Evan Crader6985B 0:50.171
23Braiden Ehle17003B 0:51.085
24Unclaimed Account12870C 0:52.328
25Taylor Davis3022C 0:52.359
26Stefano Tavella10008B 0:52.460
27Jeremiah Titus12276C 0:52.601
28Jack Diduch14349C 0:52.609
29Josh Donaruma18747C 0:52.937
30Foster Saunders15431B 0:53.273
31Jake Fisher15550C 0:53.382
32Corbin Weed6876B 0:53.992
33Josh Bellinger18758C 0:54.304
34Eric O'Connor18722C 0:54.484
35Tommy Zimmerman15696B 0:54.664
36Gregory van Hoeve6574A 0:55.054
37Rowdy Houston17764C 0:58.257
38Nick Carvalho12802B 0:58.578
39Dustin Morningstar19042C 0:59.890
40Tyler Groening14814B 1:00.773
41John Lillywhite15601C 1:08.515
42Andrew Varvel18265C 1:26.242
43Chris Schmieder321BNo Sessions
44Alex Carlo3950ANo Sessions
45Gavin Smith10250BNo Sessions
46Alexander lagerkvist11392CNo Sessions
47Justin Harper11963CNo Sessions
48Will Whiteley14553CNo Sessions
49Jake Rose16679ANo Sessions

450 Open(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Hunter Root8752A 0:41.445
2Brady Standley3452A 0:42.218
3Ben McLeod11716A 0:43.421
4Conner Peavy14821B 0:44.726
5Dominic Saulnier1809A 0:45.296
6Riley Goodfellow 3066A 0:46.265
7Patrick Stewart10952A 0:46.890
8Chris Santino2083B 0:46.992
9Ty Smith11180A 0:47.109
10Chris Schmieder321B 0:47.265
11William Seim15379B 0:47.593
12Benny Geale1136C 0:48.109
13Clay Roberts18875C 0:48.164
14Josh Hernandez7046C 0:48.429
15jack Lea17615B 0:50.218
16Gavin Schuh5780C 0:51.460
17Josh Bellinger18758C 0:54.304
18Jacob Carter16485C 0:58.406
19Dustin Morningstar19042C 0:59.890
20Eneas Tavella10863B 1:05.898
21Justin Harper11963CNo Sessions
22Tyler Groening14814BNo Sessions
23Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
24Andrew Varvel18265CNo Sessions
25Josh Whelchel18283CNo Sessions
26Kyle Hager18401CNo Sessions
27Cale simmey18668ANo Sessions

125 Open Results

1Josh Boaz847947
2William Seim1537940
3Taylor Davis302236
4Tyler Groening1481433
5Jake Fisher1555029
6Kyle Hager1840127
7Holden Cote562925
8Jeremiah Titus1227622
9AJ Fisher1554920
10Eneas Tavella1086314
11Andrew Varvel1826511
12lucas alpaugh1238210
13Josh Boaz128709

250 Open Results

1Hunter Root875250
2Chris Santino208338
3Jeremy Atkinson538137
4Jacob Carter1648536
5Ethan Parks1788036
6Josh Boaz847927
7Tyler Groening1481427
8Josh Donaruma1874724
9Chris Schmieder32121
10Taylor Davis302220
11Bryce Whealon1183820
12Eric O'Connor1872216
13Jeremiah Titus1227615
14Evan Crader698511
15William Seim1537911
16paladino christoffersen122359
17Jake Fisher155509
18Conner Peavy148217
19Weston Overturf87286
20John Lillywhite156014

450 Open Results

1Hunter Root875250
2Ty Smith1118042
3Chris Santino208338
4Chris Schmieder32132
5Tyler Groening1481429
6Jacob Carter1648529
7Gavin Schuh578027
8Kyle Hager1840127
9William Seim1537923
10Bryce Whealon1183822
11Conner Peavy1482112
12Will Whiteley1455311
13jack Lea176159
14Eneas Tavella108638
15Andrew Varvel182657

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