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250(125/250) - Top 45 Qualify

1jontavious snogglebottoms32029C 1:48.914
2Ashley-John Matthews37121C 1:50.195
3Seth Garrett18588A 1:51.234
4Connor Lynds17192C 1:52.265
5Owen Adams22023B 1:53.945
6Filip Larsson29944C 1:53.945
7prebilo hesmex rodrigue z21275C 1:54.664
8Tyler Scheels23780C 1:56.523
9Zachary Adams18905B 1:57.960
10Chandler Bloxom25877A 1:58.062
11Ashton Arruda35200C 1:58.570
12Maxime Lichter14040C 1:59.039
13Gerald Hurkderger18709B 1:59.398
14Gauge Brown46492C 1:59.671
15Jason Helm9249C 1:59.773
16Hudson Miller46982C 1:59.796
17Justin Thomas35148C 1:59.875
18Lucas Bruhn40598C 1:59.953
19John Matthews39312C 2:01.273
20Rhys Cooper23371C 2:01.445
21Kyle Heald25795C 2:03.515
22cade miller31598C 2:04.179
23Coby Gilsdorf43144C 2:05.257
24Dylan White40202C 2:07.554
25kees mortimer21612C 2:07.796
26Michael Disalvo39122C 2:10.210
27wyatt thurman40950C 2:10.625
28max shane45606C 2:11.640
29kason little40900C 2:11.859
30Theo Ferm25529C 2:11.914
31jack willis38428C 2:19.023
32adam donnelly44073C 2:20.273
33beans NOODLY38094C 2:20.687
34Ryan Norton36800C 2:23.906
35Rance Lewellen44429C 2:24.210
36Ryan Romain14987C 2:32.937
37Gutton mael47701C 3:26.265
38Jack Gatland11337CNo Sessions
39Dar Bolicki16684CNo Sessions
40Hunter Mead20881CNo Sessions
41Bodhi Pangle23369CNo Sessions
42lucas grazian27052CNo Sessions
43Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
44david bradley32938CNo Sessions
45Troy Bienert35546CNo Sessions
46Da'quintin Houston36799CNo Sessions
47Steven Short38909CNo Sessions
48ayrton hibberd39147CNo Sessions
49jackson miller41213CNo Sessions
50Bryce lizarraga48865CNo Sessions

open(Open) - Top 45 Qualify

1jontavious snogglebottoms32029C 1:44.398
2Tyler Parsell4491C 1:45.984
3Ashley-John Matthews37121C 1:47.734
4prebilo hesmex rodrigue z21275C 1:47.812
5Tyler Scheels23780C 1:48.351
6Bennett Guenther42559C 1:48.367
7Owen Adams22023B 1:48.867
8Luke Barnes35659C 1:51.804
9Jason Helm9249C 1:51.937
10Troy Bienert35546C 1:52.062
11cade miller31598C 1:53.554
12Filip Larsson29944C 1:53.945
13Evan Cormack27400C 1:55.234
14Ryan Romain14987C 1:55.640
15Kyle Heald25795C 1:55.640
16Ashton Arruda35200C 1:55.796
17Maxime Lichter14040C 1:56.906
18Chandler Bloxom25877A 1:57.906
19Zachary Adams18905B 1:57.960
20Evan Powell18201C 1:58.968
21Weston Weets10532C 1:59.101
22Gerald Hurkderger18709B 1:59.398
23Gauge Brown46492C 1:59.671
24Hudson Miller46982C 1:59.796
25Lucas Bruhn40598C 1:59.953
26John Matthews39312C 2:01.273
27bastien pavageau35105C 2:01.960
28Max Gierman43833C 2:03.046
29Coby Gilsdorf43144C 2:05.257
30Leon Tye18628C 2:05.406
31Dylan White40202C 2:07.554
32kees mortimer21612C 2:07.796
33Diego Ferreira16245C 2:08.523
34Austin Martin33381C 2:08.867
35Brandon Town27722C 2:08.906
36Michael Disalvo39122C 2:10.210
37wyatt thurman40950C 2:10.625
38max shane45606C 2:11.640
39kason little40900C 2:11.859
40Theo Ferm25529C 2:11.914
41david bradley32938C 2:18.257
42jack willis38428C 2:19.023
43adam donnelly44073C 2:20.273
44beans NOODLY38094C 2:20.687
45Ryan Norton36800C 2:23.906
46Dylan Roper49054C 2:24.179
47Rance Lewellen44429C 2:24.210
48Axel De Rosso44649C 2:37.554
49Khari Sabb22676C 2:40.562
50Levi Briggs32375C 3:39.734
51Jack Gatland11337CNo Sessions
52Hunter Mead20881CNo Sessions
53sam butler26920CNo Sessions
54lucas grazian27052CNo Sessions
55Noah Smerdon29577CNo Sessions
56Da'quintin Houston36799CNo Sessions
57ayrton hibberd39147CNo Sessions
58jackson miller41213CNo Sessions
59riley allen43159CNo Sessions
60Bryce lizarraga48865CNo Sessions

250 Results

1Ashley-John Matthews3712145
2Owen Adams2202337
3Maxime Lichter1404036
4jontavious snogglebottoms3202925
5Evan Cormack2740023
6Dylan White4020223
7Connor Lynds1719222
8Zachary Adams1890518
9Tyler Scheels2378018
10Weston Weets1053215
11evan kelm3893514
12John Matthews3931213
13Ashton Arruda3520012
14Hudson Miller4698211
15Emmanuel Cepeda1010610
16prebilo hesmex rodrigue z212758
17Rhys Cooper233717
18Kyle Heald257956
19Ryan Norton368004
20Justin Thomas351483
21Chandler Bloxom258771
22jack willis384281
23Rance Lewellen444291
24adam donnelly440730
25carson wood491000

open Results

1Ashley-John Matthews3712147
2Owen Adams2202343
3Tyler Parsell449138
4Weston Weets1053232
5Maxime Lichter1404024
6Dylan White4020224
7jontavious snogglebottoms3202920
8prebilo hesmex rodrigue z2127518
9Zachary Adams1890516
10Tyler Scheels2378015
11Evan Cormack2740014
12cade miller3159813
13John Matthews3931211
14Hudson Miller469828
15Ashton Arruda352007
16Connor Lynds171926
17Emmanuel Cepeda101065
18evan kelm389354
19Kyle Heald257953
20Ryan Norton368002
21Evan Vanderkooi402521
22Rance Lewellen444291

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