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Open(Open) - Top 35 Qualify

1Johnnie McIntyre17547C 1:34.382
2Chris Schmieder321B 1:36.265
3Alex Heckman18576A 1:36.578
4justin Petsnick10547B 1:36.937
5Grant Slater14586C 1:37.554
6stephen Quick2930C 1:37.726
7Christoffer Bergman8029C 1:38.000
8Kristoffer Wenerklang7250C 1:38.234
9Ethan Parks17880A 1:38.289
10James McKie4448C 1:38.476
11Kieran Hildebrand10808C 1:38.554
12Anthony Twidle4100A 1:38.625
13Connor Robertson9656C 1:38.703
14Justin Harper11963C 1:38.718
15Elliot Phillips18161C 1:39.257
16Josh Hernandez7046C 1:39.765
17Grant Dawson10828C 1:39.851
18Chris Channing17088C 1:40.375
19Francis Heather3774C 1:40.468
20Dylan Powell18281C 1:40.648
21Unclaimed Account8479C 1:40.875
22Jeremy Atkinson5381B 1:40.898
23Ryan Turner17899B 1:40.9
24Chris Santino2083B 1:41.039
25Roman Rositani18967C 1:41.054
26jacob long14526C 1:41.210
27Clay Roberts18875C 1:41.414
28Lloyd Towne11658C 1:41.523
29Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:41.609
30Alex Tripp15681B 1:41.625
31Dwayne Cusano18759C 1:41.656
32Kennedy Wilson17506C 1:41.781
33Aaron Bonneau17548A 1:41.851
34Brandon Houldsworth4698C 1:42.351
35Kevin Ferzacca17299A 1:42.890
36Ryan McNicoll10959C 1:43.000
37Weston Weets10532C 1:43.281
38Aaron Tripoli12239C 1:43.351
39Adam Barnett4322C 1:43.968
40Eric O'Connor18722C 1:44.062
41ed kozak8532C 1:44.164
42zack mock17060C 1:44.187
43Jeffrey Johnson5906C 1:44.476
44Jacob Hunger12281B 1:44.625
45Logan Heagney6521A 1:45.554
46Anthony Conti9101C 1:45.898
47dorano plevoets15793C 1:46.195
48Beau Delobelle16338C 1:46.562
49Daniel Masker15479C 1:46.734
50Zach Ebert18434C 1:46.976
51Wes Teague16531C 1:49.500
52Jes Colman307C 1:49.867
53Simon Sontér12867C 1:50.187
54jacob sterritt18688C 1:50.203
55Kyle Hager18401C 1:52.093
56Artur Stroher17967C 1:52.171
57Angelo Cribari17564C 1:54.570
58Michael Luccio13621C 1:55.000
59Dustin Morningstar19042C 1:57.007
60matthew dowse18593C 1:58.703
61Tim Althaus17537A 2:03.476
62Gene Kelley14819C 2:24.992
63Ryan Bishop3653A 2:30.539
64Jake West6739ANo Sessions
65Corbin Weed6876BNo Sessions
66Eneas Tavella10863BNo Sessions
67Alexander lagerkvist11392CNo Sessions
68Logan Seese14241CNo Sessions
69Jack Diduch14349CNo Sessions
70Mike Smith15870CNo Sessions
71Matthew Sanders18770CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Chris Schmieder32135
2Francis Heather377435
3Justin Harper1196334
4Johnnie McIntyre1754734
5Alex Heckman1857634
6Jeremy Atkinson538129
7Chris Santino208326
8Ethan Parks1788026
9Grant Slater1458624
10stephen Quick293021
11Kristoffer Wenerklang725020
12Dwayne Cusano1875916
13James McKie444814
14Grant Dawson1082814
15Clay Roberts1887514
16Kieran Hildebrand1080812
17Chris Channing1708812
18Brandon Houldsworth469810
19Josh Hernandez70468
20ed kozak85327
21justin Petsnick105477
22Alex Tripp156817
23Weston Weets105324
24Ryan Turner178993
25Jeffrey Johnson59060
26Anthony Conti91010
27Connor Robertson96560
28Lloyd Towne116580
29Gene Kelley148190
30Aaron Bonneau175480
31Angelo Cribari175640
32Artur Stroher179670
33Kyle Hager184010
34Zach Ebert184340
35Matthew Sanders187700

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