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250(125/250) - Top 45 Qualify

1Frank Jackson12581B 1:58.093
2Jack Gatland11337C 1:59.421
3Lennart Schmidt13475C 1:59.906
4jontavious snogglebottoms32029C 2:00.359
5Ben Humphries30001C 2:00.898
6Hayden Stevenson23379B 2:02.867
7Evan Holte43345C 2:04.335
8Holden Cote5629A 2:05.078
9Conner Schmude36404C 2:06.617
10Dalton venter18650C 2:07.218
11Ashley-John Matthews37121C 2:07.375
12lucas grazian27052C 2:07.468
13Filip Larsson29944C 2:07.578
14Topher Turley38554C 2:08.492
15Troy Bienert35546C 2:08.687
16Zach Rexroad 21562C 2:08.726
17Billy Pasfield40575C 2:08.875
18Christian Watson16067C 2:09.031
19Travis Johnsmeyer47246C 2:09.546
20Jace Williams43203C 2:09.726
21Trey Padilla25103C 2:10.039
22Noah Burgess49759C 2:10.039
23Zach Kristoff33671B 2:10.179
24Keegan Riley34834C 2:10.625
25Travis Bohn32592C 2:11.039
26Maxime Lichter14040C 2:11.164
27Maximilien jvcfuds40833C 2:11.476
28cody mcmurray31340C 2:11.492
29cade miller31598C 2:11.492
30Harrison Gafford37181C 2:11.671
31Tanner Rogers7877A 2:11.765
32Gauge Brown46492C 2:12.195
33Brady Olson44167C 2:13.484
34Taylor Neuer49555C 2:13.593
35GAS productions45635C 2:13.968
36Ryan Romain14987C 2:14.398
37Owen White18361C 2:14.578
38Skylar Belcher25145C 2:15.031
39Jason Helm9249C 2:15.210
40Corben Slatter34700C 2:15.351
41Brian Spain44627C 2:15.773
42Mason Tuttle20775C 2:16.335
43Stoney Hudman38094C 2:17.898
44Jaxzen tully29354C 2:18.812
45Jacob Alvarez4317C 2:18.929
46Brayden Howard45882C 2:19.289
47Caden Gordy44348C 2:21.023
48stephen tozzo28307C 2:21.296
49Dylan White40202C 2:23.117
50Dylan Rodriguez36176C 2:23.726
51joshua crumet44019C 2:24.234
52Bentley Tondu22207C 2:26.640
53Linus HÃ¥kansson40194C 2:26.703
54davis daniels49974C 2:28.171
55Bodhi Pangle23369C 2:28.250
56Ryan Norton36800C 2:31.109
57austin fineis41294C 2:32.257
58Declan Hack47859C 2:55.648
59Brett Powers2642ANo Sessions
60chase odom5369CNo Sessions
61Matias Janice17932ANo Sessions
62Chase Morales21437CNo Sessions
63Caleb Anderson22787CNo Sessions
64Kurtis Asaff25638CNo Sessions
65Christian Jonse29867CNo Sessions
66Hunter Hutchison30300CNo Sessions
67Landon Bartol34215CNo Sessions
68tallon weigand38429CNo Sessions
69caiden gross39599CNo Sessions
70Axel De Rosso44649CNo Sessions
71max shane45606CNo Sessions
72Gutton mael47701CNo Sessions
73Jaxson Bailey49731CNo Sessions

open(Open) - Top 45 Qualify

1Frank Jackson12581B 1:58.093
2Lennart Schmidt13475C 1:58.570
3Jack Gatland11337C 1:59.421
4Dalton venter18650C 1:59.929
5jontavious snogglebottoms32029C 2:00.359
6Leon Tye18628C 2:01.054
7Billy Pasfield40575C 2:02.851
8Hayden Stevenson23379B 2:02.867
9Jack Mark49207C 2:03.023
10Dakota French6217C 2:03.203
11James Bemrose17850C 2:03.742
12david bradley32938C 2:04.000
13Evan Holte43345C 2:04.335
14Diego Ferreira16245C 2:05.062
15Holden Cote5629A 2:05.078
16Topher Turley38554C 2:05.179
17Zach Kristoff33671B 2:05.968
18Tylor Archer12851C 2:06.546
19Conner Schmude36404C 2:06.617
20Filip Larsson29944C 2:07.578
21Troy Bienert35546C 2:08.539
22Zach Rexroad 21562C 2:08.726
23Christian Watson16067C 2:09.031
24Travis Johnsmeyer47246C 2:09.546
25Jace Williams43203C 2:09.726
26Matias Janice17932A 2:09.882
27Ryan Romain14987C 2:09.992
28Trey Padilla25103C 2:10.039
29Noah Burgess49759C 2:10.039
30Maxime Lichter14040C 2:11.164
31cody mcmurray31340C 2:11.492
32cade miller31598C 2:11.492
33Harrison Gafford37181C 2:11.671
34Tanner Rogers7877A 2:11.765
35Gauge Brown46492C 2:12.195
36Owen White18361C 2:12.484
37Brady Olson44167C 2:13.484
38Chase Morales21437C 2:13.695
39Jacob Alvarez4317C 2:14.765
40Bennett Guenther42559C 2:14.812
41Skylar Belcher25145C 2:15.031
42Corben Slatter34700C 2:15.351
43Brian Spain44627C 2:15.773
44Weston Weets10532C 2:16.000
45Stoney Hudman38094C 2:17.898
46TREVOR ARCHER5778C 2:20.445
47Caden Gordy44348C 2:21.023
48Xavier Patterson38336C 2:22.187
49Dylan White40202C 2:23.117
50Dylan Rodriguez36176C 2:23.726
51joshua crumet44019C 2:24.234
52Bentley Tondu22207C 2:26.640
53Ryan Norton36800C 2:31.109
54Nicolas Kirsch22272C 2:44.414
55Brett Powers2642ANo Sessions
56chase odom5369CNo Sessions
57Hunter Mead20881CNo Sessions
58Caleb Anderson22787CNo Sessions
59Brandon Town27722CNo Sessions
60Hunter Hutchison30300CNo Sessions
61Luke Barnes35659CNo Sessions
62caiden gross39599CNo Sessions
63Max Gierman43833CNo Sessions
64Axel De Rosso44649CNo Sessions
65max shane45606CNo Sessions
66Hudson Miller46982CNo Sessions
67Jaxson Bailey49731CNo Sessions

250 Results

1Frank Jackson1258147
2Jack Gatland1133742
3Evan Holte4334536
4Conner Schmude3640430
5Topher Turley3855428
6Christian Watson1606725
7jontavious snogglebottoms3202925
8Maxime Lichter1404021
9Zach Kristoff3367119
10Travis Johnsmeyer4724619
11Lennart Schmidt1347518
12Holden Cote562915
13Billy Pasfield4057515
14Hayden Stevenson2337914
15Ryan Romain1498713
16Owen White1836113
17Brian Spain4462713
18Troy Bienert3554611
19Dylan White402028
20Brady Olson441678
21Jacob Alvarez43177
22Harrison Gafford371816
23Corben Slatter347001
24stephen tozzo283070
25Stoney Hudman380940
26austin fineis412940

open Results

1Frank Jackson1258150
2Jack Gatland1133738
3Tylor Archer1285136
4david bradley3293835
5Topher Turley3855434
6Diego Ferreira1624529
7Zach Kristoff3367127
8Ryan Romain1498723
9Billy Pasfield4057523
10Christian Watson1606721
11Maxime Lichter1404020
12James Bemrose1785018
13Travis Johnsmeyer4724618
14Brian Spain4462716
15Weston Weets1053215
16Owen White1836114
17Brady Olson441679
18Conner Schmude364045
19Dylan White402024
20Jacob Alvarez43173
21Lennart Schmidt134751
22Harrison Gafford371811
23Evan Holte433451
24Jack Mark492070

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