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Arenacross(125/250) - Top 32 Qualify

1Jeremi Seabolt9061A 0:21.375
2Matt Cromie5149A 0:21.515
3Matt Burkeen10589A 0:21.531
4Tayler Belle7094C 0:21.679
5Conner Peavy14821B 0:21.687
6Robert Wilson8313A 0:21.929
7André Santos8204A 0:22.085
8rasmus bemberg8592A 0:22.210
9Nick Uzick12424A 0:22.273
10Roberto Lage9289A 0:22.312
11Jerry Robin13308A 0:22.320
12Josh Williams13156B 0:22.343
13Cameron Hill3668A 0:22.375
14Dylan Copeland5675B 0:22.398
15David Wright15131A 0:22.437
16Ty Brakefield13682A 0:22.562
17Phil Doyon14561B 0:22.632
18Sammy Holt2445A 0:22.664
19Chase Dunivant7418A 0:22.671
20Hunter Root8752A 0:22.710
21Josh Boaz12886B 0:22.718
22jason thomason7618B 0:22.789
23Jack Zarse10854B 0:22.804
24Diogo Pereira8351C 0:22.882
25Jacob Wilkinson8314B 0:22.921
26izaak santiago15698C 0:23.117
27Nathan Barnes5674B 0:23.273
28Jay Jones11066B 0:23.320
29jonny moreira10950C 0:23.328
30Ryan Neale17026C 0:23.820
31Chase Becker11448B 0:23.851
32Austin Anderson9722B 0:23.921
33Tanner Thorsen16669C 0:24.007
34Nathan Nickerson6413A 0:24.593
35brandon newman15701C 0:24.937
36Zachery Nobrega2759B 0:25.171
37Boyd Veraart5496C 0:28.773
38Unclaimed Account13409CNo Sessions
39Francis Laterreur13627CNo Sessions
40Logan Mcsweeney14189BNo Sessions
41Jack Diduch14349CNo Sessions

Arenacross Results

1Matt Cromie514925
2Matt Burkeen1058922
3Robert Wilson831320
4Roberto Lage928918
5Dylan Copeland567516
6Chase Dunivant741815
7jason thomason761814
8Jerry Robin1330813
9André Santos820412
10Conner Peavy1482111
11Sammy Holt244510
12Gavin Richards73379
13Ty Brakefield136828
14Diogo Pereira83517
15brandon newman157016
16Josh Williams131565

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