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Open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Alexis Leclair6454A 1:08.679
2Dade Honeywell931A 1:08.976
3Jeremi Seabolt9061A 1:09.187
4Ryan Mahan2958A 1:10.093
5Conner Peavy14821B 1:10.234
6Jack Jeffries3068A 1:10.414
7Dominic Saulnier1809A 1:10.742
8Clay Alfrey13020A 1:10.765
9Tanner Rogers7877A 1:11.078
10William St-Laurent16254A 1:11.257
11Connor Lynds17192C 1:11.476
12Hunter Deisher379A 1:11.492
13Rush Chapman14794A 1:11.695
14jakob Laroche9200C 1:12.492
15Kyler Hawkey8661A 1:12.671
16colton mitchell6767A 1:12.914
17Chase Dunivant7418A 1:13.664
18Zoa Cross10610A 1:13.773
19Brock Papi15244A 1:13.773
20Ryan Spengler8505B 1:13.781
21Will Whiteley14553C 1:14.039
22Tyler Louis10034B 1:14.703
23Sammy Holt2445A 1:14.898
24David Prevost6819C 1:14.937
25Michael Ratanakul4470C 1:15.046
26Josh Hernandez7046C 1:15.164
27Benjamin Lester17748C 1:15.171
28Nick Carvalho12802B 1:15.828
29Tyler Lang14539A 1:16.023
30Dima Pavluchenkov4970C 1:16.085
31Simon Sontér12867C 1:16.117
32Chase McDonald15804A 1:16.226
33Tommy Dallaire19520A 1:16.312
34Chandler Rogers6066B 1:16.953
35Carter Hutcherson5323C 1:17.601
36Jake Rose16679A 1:18.093
37George Hodkinson6222B 1:18.132
38Wes Teague16531C 1:18.406
39Hunter Kirkendall6469B 1:18.742
40Alex Carlo3950A 1:20.492
41Cameron Moore11157C 1:21.000
42Christian Burdine16733B 1:21.156
43Justin Adams Jr18984C 1:21.812
44Walter Gebhardt12235A 1:24.062
45Ethan Holland16925B 1:26.062
46chris harper11333C 1:28.875
47Jey Crunch1374A 1:29.367
48Artur Stroher17967C 1:29.929
49Anaker VALAYER18138C 1:34.945
50jacob sterritt18688C 1:35.929
51Rowdy Houston17764C 1:45.187
52Ryan Clark1236BNo Sessions
53blake curry2346ANo Sessions
54Neal Wells5199ANo Sessions
55bobby bonds7254BNo Sessions
56Michael Mullican8499CNo Sessions
57Weston Overturf8728CNo Sessions
58Grant Dawson10828CNo Sessions
59Eneas Tavella10863BNo Sessions
60Jeremiah Titus12276CNo Sessions
61Blake Starnes12863BNo Sessions
62Andrew Wallace16799CNo Sessions
63Kevin Ferzacca17299ANo Sessions
64Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
65kol lawrence18893CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Jeremi Seabolt906125
2Dade Honeywell93122
3William St-Laurent1625420
4Ryan Mahan295818
5Tanner Rogers787716
6Tyler Louis1003415
7Rush Chapman1479414
8Zoa Cross1061013
9Jack Jeffries306812
10Chase Dunivant741811
11Tyler Morin398410
12Chase McDonald158049
13Chandler Rogers60668
14colton mitchell67677
15Conner Peavy148216
16Brock Papi152445
17Ryan Spengler85054
18Nick Carvalho128023
19Josh Hernandez70462
20David Prevost68191
21Clay Alfrey130201

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