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250 Open(125/250) - Top 20 Qualify

1Jordan Foster12855A 1:58.093
2Dominic Saulnier1809A 2:00.492
3Seth Garrett18588A 2:02.781
4Craig Leake5669A 2:03.171
5Trent Sheppard23352B 2:03.664
6Jakob Hellkvist22185C 2:04.210
7Kevin Massart7696A 2:04.343
8Brett Powers2642A 2:04.992
9Jake Worden24316B 2:05.507
10Alemao Formentao13918C 2:06.195
11Joey Nielsen13196B 2:06.609
12Riley Hughan23127B 2:07.546
13Benny Geale1136C 2:07.554
14Reno Brennan14256B 2:07.718
15Eric Hellgren1467C 2:09.570
16justen stolz21265A 2:10.312
17Jeremy BradBury33388C 2:11.625
18Colt Hans21779C 2:14.648
19Sean Klein18646A 2:14.789
20Anthony Roe24074C 2:14.953
21Mads Haahr12979C 2:16.187
22Solomon Khalife24111C 2:17.132
23Jake Juett11088C 2:17.632
24Jack Curtis24386B 2:17.781
25Kyle Watts4571C 2:18.187
26Josh Adams21976C 2:20.390
27Tom Casey33448C 2:22.617
28Sammy Holt2445A 2:26.796
29Jacob Sedletzeck17819B 2:30.281
30Ian Brauning19909C 2:32.242
31Pontus Sirugo12671C 2:32.507
32Kevin Eding20486C 2:38.000
33Zac Brumfield20233C 2:38.140
34Robert Murray14477C 2:38.648
35Sonny Edmonson7428A 2:44.562
36Khamar Glover16708B 2:45.617
37Rick Radford10664C 2:46.273
38jared singletary21539C 2:49.054
39Brandon Crase17934B 2:49.789
40Billy Dukes9830C 2:52.882
41Zachary Lerma4456B 2:58.953
42Anthony Carcaramo3007CNo Sessions
43benjamin Perez7037CNo Sessions
44Ivan Mirzoev12154CNo Sessions
45Evan Pierron13955CNo Sessions
46Dale Mullins15496CNo Sessions
47Connor Austin15904CNo Sessions
48Josh Howard17794CNo Sessions
49Micaias Ferreira17954CNo Sessions
50Garrett Stice18766CNo Sessions
51seth crotty20073CNo Sessions
52Trent Adams20274BNo Sessions
53Sam Higgs20943CNo Sessions
54luke gardiner21396ANo Sessions
55Dominic Schofield21465CNo Sessions
56Roy Norris22492CNo Sessions
57Julien Beaumer22513BNo Sessions
58Brandon Nigrin22612BNo Sessions
59Caleb Anderson22787CNo Sessions
60Rich Buddy22808ANo Sessions
61Kevin Gonzalez23185BNo Sessions
62Ryan Woods23750CNo Sessions
63Thomas Stead24034BNo Sessions
64Ethan Gerst25569BNo Sessions
65Chandler Bloxom25877ANo Sessions
66Holland Losey26516CNo Sessions
67Oskar Chwalik27083CNo Sessions
68Dawson Sleeper27846CNo Sessions
69Rogan McIntosh28509CNo Sessions
70Jonathan Alexander29287ANo Sessions
71Blake Wicklund33351CNo Sessions

450 Open(Open) - Top 20 Qualify

1Kiwi Applebomb14794A 1:49.421
2Josh Williams13156B 1:58.875
3Brandon Roland261B 2:00.453
4Steve Harris23215B 2:01.718
5Anthony Twidle4100A 2:01.937
6fernando andrade3449C 2:02.132
7Chris Channing17088C 2:02.429
8jt dee15235B 2:02.812
9Quentin Culot16126C 2:03.757
10alex cuntingham7878C 2:04.234
11Carter Hutcherson5323C 2:05.429
12bocquet jean michel22931C 2:05.562
13logan boye19737C 2:05.718
14Muzart Muz29698C 2:06.078
15Trey Smith20848C 2:06.281
16Fred Heather4686C 2:06.640
17Leandro Murray27755C 2:07.125
18Erik Martin4170B 2:08.890
19Brian Cantrell5202C 2:10.007
20ryan bailey26510C 2:11.484
21Wyatt Carter13203C 2:12.593
22sam simmons22037C 2:12.882
23Jarno Steegmans19627C 2:14.304
24Jacob Long21660C 2:14.546
25Boddie Parker19311B 2:15.726
26Kevin Davis2425C 2:20.296
27Garrett Smith3713A 2:21.875
28James Beston14951C 2:21.953
29Austen Bennett22655C 2:22.265
30Aleksander Silva10414C 2:23.226
31Lane Burkes11747C 2:23.359
32James Ohashi15603B 2:28.437
33Todd Wadsworth21466B 2:28.593
34Patrick Klein Baltink29835C 2:29.312
35eric kidney8694C 2:30.070
36Marc Gonzalez13253C 2:42.617
37Vinny Villafane2559C 3:02.164
38Alex Kristoff27135B 3:07.625
39Sonny Spicer23831C 3:11.507
40Luca Giampaolo19617C 3:13.742
41dylan sevenans22270C 3:14.242
42blake curry2346ANo Sessions
43ben lee6135CNo Sessions
44bryan kelly11386CNo Sessions
45Jack Borg15962CNo Sessions
46Trevor Burns16038CNo Sessions
47Jayson Pace16550BNo Sessions
48Jacob Gosche17019BNo Sessions
49Tim Althaus17537ANo Sessions
50Garrett Olver17543ANo Sessions
51Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
52billy kunitz18057ANo Sessions
53Jett Wisdom18931BNo Sessions
54Martin Muñoz19223CNo Sessions
55wristin grigg21385BNo Sessions
56Trevor Shaffer22919ANo Sessions
57Cristian George24342CNo Sessions
58Kurtis Asaff25638CNo Sessions
59Brian Brinker26411CNo Sessions
60Mason Breidenbach33489CNo Sessions

250 Open Results

1Seth Garrett1858850
2Joey Nielsen1319642
3Jake Worden2431636
4Reno Brennan1425633
5Benny Geale113632
6Kevin Massart769629
7Colt Hans2177928
8Alemao Formentao1391825
9justen stolz2126524
10Brett Powers264222
11Mads Haahr1297911
12Sammy Holt244510
13Zachary Lerma44569

450 Open Results

1Kiwi Applebomb1479450
2Brandon Roland26142
3alex cuntingham787838
4Josh Williams1315637
5Trey Smith2084830
6Chris Channing1708829
7Steve Harris2321529
8bocquet jean michel2293126
9Fred Heather468621
10Aleksander Silva1041417
11Carter Hutcherson532315
12Muzart Muz2969813
13Quentin Culot1612610
14Leandro Murray277558
15fernando andrade34497
16sam simmons220375
17logan boye197374
18Brian Cantrell52023
19Garrett Smith37132

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