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Open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tanner Rogers7877A 1:56.640
2Tyler Horvath2800A 1:59.812
3Tony Spinelli2606A 2:01.820
4Connor Lynds17192C 2:02.054
5Chase Dunivant7418A 2:02.953
6Edward Mora11742A 2:03.484
7Tyler Louis10034B 2:03.648
8Dominic Saulnier1809A 2:04.875
9Quinton Deese5408C 2:07.718
10Bret Sanchez4570C 2:10.390
11Matthew Model10018B 2:10.625
12Jay Jones11066B 2:10.640
13Brandon Houldsworth4698C 2:12.132
14Chase McDonald15804A 2:12.687
15alex cuntingham7878C 2:12.992
16Tyler Crocker17651B 2:14.445
17justin Petsnick10547B 2:15.078
18Max Prokhorov12603B 2:16.398
19Chris Jason13159C 2:18.546
20craig strausbaugh12917C 2:22.039
21Tyler Lang14539A 2:22.132
22Sammy Holt2445A 2:24.218
23Austin Brown17653B 2:27.804
24Rowdy Houston17764C 2:34.312
25Sonny Edmonson7428A 2:34.507
26taylor wasden4601CNo Sessions
27Dima Pavluchenkov4970CNo Sessions
28Kasey Oehlert5189ANo Sessions
29Brandon Hedge10326ANo Sessions
30Logan Tenaro10349CNo Sessions
31Evan Berwick11323ANo Sessions
32Jessie Calaway11545BNo Sessions
33Hunter Mead11781CNo Sessions
34Jack Diduch14349CNo Sessions
35Unclaimed Account14533CNo Sessions
36Conner Peavy14821BNo Sessions
37David Wright15131ANo Sessions
38Jerad Shirley15393CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Hunter Root875245
2Tanner Rogers787744
3Edward Mora1174239
4Connor Lynds1719236
5Tyler Louis1003435
6Chase Dunivant741831
7Matthew Model1001828
8Bret Sanchez457025
9Tyler Crocker1765124
10Jay Jones1106623
11Brandon Houldsworth469820
12Kenny Berkman670216
13Sonny Edmonson742815
14alex cuntingham787814
15Chris Jason1315911
16Tyler Horvath280010
17Brandon Hedge103269
18craig strausbaugh129178
19Jessie Calaway115455
20Sammy Holt24453
21Austin Brown176533

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