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250(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1tyran tomich32866C 2:23.406
2Muzart Muz29698C 2:24.265
3sam stephen23009C 2:25.500
4Logan May23038C 2:26.539
5Freddy Karlsson12577C 2:26.695
6Kristian Laustsen12325C 2:26.960
7Kevin Gonzalez23185B 2:27.242
8Tim Althaus17537A 2:27.570
9zach coleman33910C 2:28.484
10Dylan Long30440C 2:29.039
11Riley Hughan23127B 2:29.093
12Thomas McBain30633B 2:29.117
13Jett Holyhead30293C 2:29.125
14Jarno Bleekman29131C 2:29.148
15taylor miller25608C 2:29.164
16Luke Sullivan22447C 2:29.226
17Trent Adams20274B 2:29.242
18george knight31555C 2:29.625
19kodi saunderson32932B 2:29.851
20Seth Garrett18588A 2:29.976
21David Gordon31685C 2:30.546
22Ivan Mirzoev12154C 2:30.625
23Trevor Shaffer22919A 2:30.859
24Chris Post22504C 2:30.976
25bocquet jean michel22931C 2:31.601
26Daniel Irvine7108C 2:31.742
27Zachary Cook21287C 2:32.382
28lachie winchester33911C 2:32.546
29Ryan Spengler8505B 2:32.554
30LIAM Atkinson25419C 2:32.882
31Trent Sheppard23352B 2:33.070
32Riley Mills23770C 2:35.085
33Brody Barton34825C 2:35.179
34Jackson Gaiero32137C 2:35.195
35Logan Heagney6521A 2:35.632
36Alex Griffiths36676C 2:36.601
37Josh Howard30333C 2:36.828
38Tyler Bartlett23482C 2:37.640
39Carson West26504C 2:37.750
40Neil Fitzpatrick10123C 2:37.796
41Kaleb Armstrong30410C 2:37.835
42Lachlan Johnson34313C 2:37.984
43Darius Peterson34851C 2:38.250
44Matthew LeBlanc34474C 2:38.296
45Tim Vredegoor21157C 2:38.328
46Ashton Rakofsky24566B 2:38.804
47Dale Mullins15496C 2:38.921
48Jake Cawthorn36649C 2:39.523
49jack garfoot27630C 2:40.484
50Brodie Jenner30520C 2:40.617
51Alemao Formentao13918C 2:41.765
52TJ Harrison33863C 2:43.093
53Hunter Mead20881C 2:43.593
54Timmy Briscoe19001B 2:45.789
55Kobe Barton9116C 2:47.367
56Hunter Ash31678C 2:49.320
57Ethan Holland16925B 2:55.710
58Patrick Klein Baltink29835C 2:58.507
59Jarno Steegmans19627C 3:08.390
60Reid Candella34190C 3:12.437
61Nic Swensgard22996C 3:16.773
62Chase Dunivant7418ANo Sessions
63Kieran Hildebrand10808CNo Sessions
64bryan kelly11386CNo Sessions
65Joseph Wagner13750CNo Sessions
66Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
67Trevor Williams20615CNo Sessions
68Ryan Woods23750CNo Sessions
69Josh Collins24067CNo Sessions
70Jack Curtis24386BNo Sessions
71sdg Carbaugh25253CNo Sessions
72Nate van Tatenhove25469CNo Sessions
73David Fernandez25766BNo Sessions
74austin irwin 26382CNo Sessions
75trenton leveille26870CNo Sessions
76Dawson Sleeper27846CNo Sessions
77Taylor Payne27856CNo Sessions
78Sam Hawes28267CNo Sessions
79Rogan McIntosh28509CNo Sessions
80Trevin Thompson28741CNo Sessions
81Jonathan Alexander29287ANo Sessions
82james Pfleghaar30098CNo Sessions
83Adam Smerdon31327CNo Sessions
84John Hileman31403CNo Sessions
85Younes Al-Khaled31519CNo Sessions
86Nathan McLaughlin31541CNo Sessions
87Shannon Steer32082CNo Sessions
88Brandon Sanchez32363CNo Sessions
89James Layle32685CNo Sessions
90Unclaimed Account32846CNo Sessions
91Philip Birkenfeld32966CNo Sessions
92Rhys Harris33274CNo Sessions
93Guillem Farres34010CNo Sessions
94Ryan Swanson34325CNo Sessions
95Brody Biggs34527CNo Sessions
96Alistair Dickert35205CNo Sessions
97Tanner Scott36549CNo Sessions
98Ronan Wastell36675CNo Sessions
99Devin DUH Simonson36799CNo Sessions
100Nathan murray36923CNo Sessions

450(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Logan May23038C 2:22.390
2tyran tomich32866C 2:23.406
3Ryan Turner17899B 2:25.015
4Dylan Long30440C 2:25.421
5sam stephen23009C 2:25.500
6Freddy Karlsson12577C 2:26.695
7zach coleman33910C 2:26.757
8Kristian Laustsen12325C 2:26.960
9Kevin Gonzalez23185B 2:27.242
10Tim Althaus17537A 2:27.570
11Robert Bengtson20027C 2:28.015
12João Victor Vieira7980A 2:28.437
13bocquet jean michel22931C 2:28.468
14kodi saunderson32932B 2:28.796
15Ashton Rakofsky24566B 2:29.085
16Riley Hughan23127B 2:29.093
17Thomas McBain30633B 2:29.117
18Jett Holyhead30293C 2:29.125
19taylor miller25608C 2:29.164
20LIAM Atkinson25419C 2:29.492
21george knight31555C 2:29.625
22Seth Garrett18588A 2:29.976
23Thomas Alexander15570C 2:30.093
24Trevor Shaffer22919A 2:30.859
25Chris Post22504C 2:30.976
26Logan Heagney6521A 2:31.351
27Daniel Irvine7108C 2:31.742
28lachie winchester33911C 2:32.546
29Ryan Spengler8505B 2:32.554
30Shannon Steer32082C 2:32.796
31Jake West6739A 2:33.515
32Lochlan Berg28971C 2:34.148
33Ollie Mackie20632C 2:34.625
34Brody Barton34825C 2:35.179
35Jackson Gaiero32137C 2:35.195
36TJ Harrison33863C 2:36.226
37Josh Howard30333C 2:36.640
38Carson West26504C 2:37.750
39Neil Fitzpatrick10123C 2:37.796
40Kaleb Armstrong30410C 2:37.835
41Lachlan Johnson34313C 2:37.984
42Darius Peterson34851C 2:38.250
43Tim Vredegoor21157C 2:38.328
44Dale Mullins15496C 2:38.921
45Finn Collins12049A 2:39.039
46Jake Cawthorn36649C 2:39.523
47jack garfoot27630C 2:40.484
48Brodie Jenner30520C 2:40.617
49Alemao Formentao13918C 2:41.765
50Max Prokhorov26377C 2:43.492
51Timmy Briscoe19001B 2:45.023
52Jack Stacey27247C 2:45.632
53Magnus Hastrup21698C 2:48.070
54Jarno Steegmans19627C 3:08.390
55Anthony Twidle4100ANo Sessions
56Chase Dunivant7418ANo Sessions
57Kieran Hildebrand10808CNo Sessions
58chris harper11333CNo Sessions
59bryan kelly11386CNo Sessions
60Joseph Wagner13750CNo Sessions
61Richard Lorran15997CNo Sessions
62Ricard Caellas16313CNo Sessions
63kevin jenkins 17062CNo Sessions
64Chad Paulsen17452CNo Sessions
65Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
66Leon Tye18628CNo Sessions
67Trevor Williams20615CNo Sessions
68Josh Collins24067CNo Sessions
69Dawson Sleeper27846CNo Sessions
70Trevin Thompson28741CNo Sessions
71james Pfleghaar30098CNo Sessions
72Sergey Prytov30737CNo Sessions
73John Hileman31403CNo Sessions
74Nathan McLaughlin31541CNo Sessions
75Brandon Sanchez32363CNo Sessions
76James Layle32685CNo Sessions
77Unclaimed Account32846CNo Sessions
78Philip Birkenfeld32966CNo Sessions
79Rhys Harris33274CNo Sessions
80marc perez33967CNo Sessions
81Brody Biggs34527CNo Sessions
82Tanner Scott36549CNo Sessions
83Ronan Wastell36675CNo Sessions
84Mason Villegas36790CNo Sessions
85Nathan murray36923CNo Sessions

250 Results

1Muzart Muz2969850
2sam stephen2300936
3Jett Holyhead3029336
4tyran tomich3286635
5Logan May2303827
6bocquet jean michel2293125
7george knight3155525
8kodi saunderson3293225
9Ivan Mirzoev1215421
10Seth Garrett1858820
11LIAM Atkinson2541917
12Kevin Gonzalez2318516
13Dylan Long3044016
14Freddy Karlsson1257713
15Dale Mullins1549611
16Alex Griffiths3667611
17zach coleman3391010
18Tim Vredegoor211579
19Luke Sullivan224478
20Logan Heagney65217
21TJ Harrison338637
22Brodie Jenner305206
23Jake Cawthorn366495
24Riley Hughan231273
25Darius Peterson348512
26Zachary Cook212871
27Ashton Rakofsky245661
28taylor miller256081
29Hunter Ash316781
30Lachlan Johnson343131
31Neil Fitzpatrick101230
32Timmy Briscoe190010
33Trent Adams202740
34Trent Sheppard233520
35Shannon Steer320820
36Jackson Gaiero321370
37lachie winchester339110

450 Results

1Logan May2303845
2kodi saunderson3293240
3zach coleman3391036
4george knight3155533
5sam stephen2300930
6tyran tomich3286630
7Dylan Long3044028
8Jett Holyhead3029324
9Jake West673921
10Thomas Alexander1557020
11TJ Harrison3386317
12bocquet jean michel2293116
13Kevin Gonzalez2318515
14Riley Hughan2312711
15Lochlan Berg2897111
16Jack Stacey2724710
17Logan Heagney65219
18Ashton Rakofsky245668
19Brodie Jenner305207
20Ollie Mackie206326
21Darius Peterson348514
22Jake Cawthorn366494
23Finn Collins120492
24LIAM Atkinson254191
25Dale Mullins154960
26Timmy Briscoe190010
27Tim Vredegoor211570
28taylor miller256080
29Jackson Gaiero321370
30Lachlan Johnson343130

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