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Open(Open) - Top 35 Qualify

1Connor Lynds17192C 1:47.234
2Hunter Root8752A 1:48.000
3barkevious mingo14794A 1:49.765
4Tanner Rogers7877A 1:52.710
5Brock Papi15244A 1:52.773
6Samuel Bergeron6315A 1:53.578
7Zachary Corbett3262C 1:53.867
8Fred Heather4686C 1:53.976
9Devin Davis4275A 1:54.578
10Zoa Cross10610A 1:54.867
11Patrick Stewart10952A 1:54.906
12Elliot Phillips18161C 1:55.351
13Chase Dunivant7418A 1:55.906
14William St-Laurent16254A 1:55.914
15Chase Blakely10410A 1:56.265
16Jordan Foster12855A 1:56.539
17Tyler Lang14539A 1:56.804
18Jesse Mullins4898A 1:57.070
19Roberto Lage9289A 1:57.242
20Jacob Carter16485C 1:57.406
21Tyler Horvath2800A 1:57.460
22Nick Carvalho12802B 1:58.851
23Matthew Model10018B 1:59.218
24Will Whiteley14553C 1:59.539
25Race bonds7254B 1:59.562
26Alex Carlo3950A 1:59.703
27David Wright15131A 1:59.703
28Ryan Spengler8505B 1:59.906
29Hunter Kirkendall6469B 2:00.085
30Dillon Posten7500C 2:00.109
31Seth Jones4839B 2:00.132
32Blake Bishop8884C 2:01.203
33Brent Heintzelman683A 2:01.328
34Tanner Thorsen16669C 2:02.664
35Sonny Edmonson7428A 2:03.492
36justin Petsnick10547B 2:03.742
37Tony Spinelli2606A 2:03.828
38matthew dowse18593C 2:04.304
39Ryan Colvin10383C 2:04.359
40brock hardy3325A 2:04.585
41Brandon Houldsworth4698C 2:04.976
42Conner Peavy14821B 2:05.820
43michael mudge14924C 2:06.101
44Thomas Jaz8626C 2:07.476
45byrd green14928C 2:07.812
46Tyler Groening14814B 2:07.843
47Sammy Holt2445A 2:10.804
48Brittan Lees17847C 2:12.828
49Tom Lees Jr.19228C 2:13.664
50Gregory van Hoeve6574A 2:18.460
51Aleksander Silva10414C 2:19.281
52Jordan Moxey18285A 2:20.156
53taylor wasden4601C 2:21.234
54spencer brooking18109C 2:24.718
55paladino christoffersen12235A 2:24.898
56Errik Gerback19008C 2:26.609
57Aleix Canals18986C 2:32.640
58Logan Heagney6521A 2:42.914
59Jake Rose16679A 3:49.648
60Reid Young2535ANo Sessions
61chase odom5369CNo Sessions
62Stefano Tavella10008BNo Sessions
63Damon Tavella10037BNo Sessions
64Eneas Tavella10863BNo Sessions
65Alexander lagerkvist11392CNo Sessions
66Jarno Aalders11645CNo Sessions
67Hunter Mead11781CNo Sessions
68Jordyn Burrow11945BNo Sessions
69Nick Uzick12424ANo Sessions
70Blake Starnes12863BNo Sessions
71justin robinson13035CNo Sessions
72Madis Lepikov14555CNo Sessions
73Phil Doyon14561BNo Sessions
74jt dee15235BNo Sessions
75Nick Kuenzig16791CNo Sessions
76Andrew Wallace16799CNo Sessions
77Blaine Haub16953CNo Sessions
78Braiden Ehle17003BNo Sessions
79Dylan Ogilby17970CNo Sessions
80Anaker VALAYER18138CNo Sessions
81Kyle Hager18401CNo Sessions
82Justin Adams18984CNo Sessions
83Jacob Downey19197CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Hunter Root875250
2Connor Lynds1719244
3Samuel Bergeron631538
4Jesse Mullins489832
5Devin Davis427531
6Brock Papi1524431
7Tony Spinelli260625
8Zachary Corbett326225
9Chase Dunivant741824
10Chase Blakely1041020
11Patrick Stewart1095219
12Nick Carvalho1280216
13Matthew Model1001815
14Jordan Foster1285515
15Tyler Groening1481414
16Tanner Thorsen1666911
17Sonny Edmonson742810
18barkevious mingo147948
19AJ Fisher155494
20Alex Carlo39503
21michael mudge149243
22Dillon Posten75002
23Tyler Lang145391
24David Wright151310
25Elliot Phillips181610

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