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125(125) - Top 32 Qualify

1Elliot Persson38003C 0:40.664
2Ethan Holland16925B 0:41.203
3Eli Block23100C 0:41.406
4Sonny Spicer23831C 0:41.500
5Filip Larsson29944C 0:42.015
6Tucker Chitwood30151C 0:42.226
7Quenten Hallam35905C 0:42.390
8Bryan Hedge12946C 0:42.484
9Hayden Stevenson23379B 0:42.640
10Ryan Anderson20384C 0:43.070
11Cory Aldridge35912C 0:43.109
12Bennett Guenther42559C 0:43.273
13Emil saxager37362C 0:43.484
14Tory Lanez10037B 0:43.534
15Ashton Rakofsky24566B 0:43.601
16bocquet jean michel22931C 0:43.625
17Bodhi Pangle23369C 0:44.015
18Kyler Smith40191C 0:44.101
19Jacob Kingsfield39754C 0:44.125
20Ashley-John Matthews37121C 0:44.179
21Nicklas Langstrup27130C 0:44.195
22Dylan Roper49054C 0:44.289
23David Salas39768C 0:44.593
24Billy Kwiecinski45719C 0:44.601
25Jace Williams43203C 0:44.656
26Vivian Dabert16478C 0:44.695
27chris dasilva11556C 0:44.742
28Jérémy Chauveau38764C 0:44.750
29cody mcmurray31340C 0:45.039
30Ryan Romain14987C 0:45.257
31Larry Fortin28746C 0:45.281
32Garrett Stice18766C 0:45.414
33chase odom5369C 0:45.437
34Justin Silvis48879C 0:45.507
35Ashton Arruda35200C 0:45.531
36Caleb Bates22064C 0:45.664
37Damion Lawyer33936C 0:45.781
38Zach Kyte36749C 0:45.929
39Robert Good49261C 0:46.328
40Leandro Murray27755C 0:46.367
41Alex Hoskin37599C 0:46.578
42Brandon Huntington3965C 0:47.515
43Caleb Anderson22787C 0:47.539
44kees Mortimer15784C 0:47.953
45Devin cook38519C 0:48.468
46Dylan White40202C 0:49.812
47Max Gierman43833C 0:53.578
48Hayden Foley45895C 1:02.687
49fernando andrade3449CNo Sessions
50Matt Cromie5149ANo Sessions
51victor Norlander11075CNo Sessions
52James Bemrose17850CNo Sessions
53Blake O'Brien17921CNo Sessions
54Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
55Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
56Hunter Plomb18901CNo Sessions
57Zachary Adams18905BNo Sessions
58Ryan T21806CNo Sessions
59Regan Wasmuth24718CNo Sessions
60Skylar Belcher25145CNo Sessions
61LIAM Atkinson25419CNo Sessions
62Justin Carney29086BNo Sessions
63Carter Halpain30376CNo Sessions
64laquan williams31521CNo Sessions
65Owen Rogan33848CNo Sessions
66jonathan hernandez33887CNo Sessions
67Khamar Glover34168CNo Sessions
68Troy Bienert35546CNo Sessions
69Sterling Lofthouse35734CNo Sessions
70Paddy Barson36289CNo Sessions
71Ryder Bergemeier36358CNo Sessions
72jarrett wright36771CNo Sessions
73Race Coble37150CNo Sessions
74Harrison Gafford37181CNo Sessions
75ryder bednar38437CNo Sessions
76evan kelm38935CNo Sessions
77julian arguijo39412CNo Sessions
78Blake sands42225CNo Sessions
79Jonmarc Sorensen43288CNo Sessions
80hayden davey45865CNo Sessions
81Greyson Bennett46483CNo Sessions
82Anthony Scapin46764CNo Sessions
83Taylor Neuer49555CNo Sessions
84Jamie Kinna49771CNo Sessions

250(125/250) - Top 32 Qualify

1Johnny Podonyi5253C 0:38.750
2Elliot Persson38003C 0:39.531
3Ethan Holland16925B 0:40.164
4Filip Larsson29944C 0:40.429
5Hayden Stevenson23379B 0:40.468
6Sonny Spicer23831C 0:40.812
7Eli Block23100C 0:41.054
8Seth Garrett18588A 0:41.187
9Tucker Chitwood30151C 0:41.351
10Bennett Guenther42559C 0:41.359
11Khamar Glover34168C 0:41.445
12Quenten Hallam35905C 0:41.562
13Carter Oprisiu30797C 0:41.687
14Bryan Hedge12946C 0:41.867
15Ryan Anderson20384C 0:41.984
16kees Mortimer15784C 0:42.031
17victor Norlander11075C 0:42.039
18spencer brooking18109C 0:42.070
19Aironas bukauskas19160A 0:42.132
20Jake Spease30371C 0:42.171
21Clement Cogo32562C 0:42.218
22Carter Halpain30376C 0:42.226
23fernando andrade3449C 0:42.234
24Magnus Gregersen37330C 0:42.273
25Ashley-John Matthews37121C 0:42.343
26bocquet jean michel22931C 0:42.398
27cody mcmurray31340C 0:42.453
28Ashton Rakofsky24566B 0:42.507
29James Bemrose17850C 0:42.523
30Dylan Roper49054C 0:42.679
31Matt Cromie5149A 0:42.742
32Billy Kwiecinski45719C 0:42.773
33Jacob Kingsfield39754C 0:42.781
34Jace Williams43203C 0:42.796
35Kyler Smith40191C 0:42.937
36Jack Mark49207C 0:42.960
37Cory Aldridge35912C 0:42.968
38Ashton Arruda35200C 0:42.992
39chris dasilva11556C 0:43.117
40Ryan T21806C 0:43.132
41Tyler Bannister36134C 0:43.265
42David Salas39768C 0:43.265
43Kevin Eding20486C 0:43.343
44collin jett39541C 0:43.359
45Tyler Moses21110B 0:43.375
46Jonmarc Sorensen43288C 0:43.406
47Bodhi Pangle23369C 0:43.539
48Devin cook38519C 0:43.562
49Damion Lawyer33936C 0:43.687
50Noah Burgess49759C 0:43.703
51Robert Good49261C 0:43.898
52Jeremy Kinson23233C 0:43.992
53Caleb Bates22064C 0:44.023
54ashton jordan49891C 0:44.046
55Zach Kyte36749C 0:44.054
56jonathan hernandez33887C 0:44.078
57jarrett wright36771C 0:44.179
58Nicklas Langstrup27130C 0:44.195
59Christhian Madalena42537C 0:44.203
60Garrett Stice18766C 0:44.226
61Larry Fortin28746C 0:44.351
62Race Coble37150C 0:44.414
63chase odom5369C 0:44.507
64BRANDEN BURCH37062C 0:44.585
65Colton Adams49677C 0:44.648
66Jack Clancy30181C 0:44.679
67Vivian Dabert16478C 0:44.695
68Brandon Huntington3965C 0:44.703
69caiden gross39599C 0:44.773
70Alex Hoskin37599C 0:44.804
71ty sharp18914C 0:44.914
72logan stdenis39544C 0:45.000
73Ryan Romain14987C 0:45.093
74Harrison Gafford37181C 0:45.156
75Julian Savala37473C 0:45.476
76Leandro Murray27755C 0:45.484
77Isaac Lindley46707C 0:45.515
78Austen Bennett22655C 0:45.546
79justin ryan 27949C 0:45.703
80Paulius Vaitiekėnas32107C 0:45.820
81Gryffinn King49040C 0:45.851
82Lucas Arriagada38842C 0:46.132
83Tanner Amarillas39622C 0:46.226
84laquan williams31521C 0:46.273
85Colton Durand12641C 0:46.375
86Regan Wasmuth24718C 0:46.492
87Jesse Hinde37932C 0:46.593
88Dar Bolicki16684C 0:47.085
89Hayden Foley45895C 0:47.125
90hayden davey45865C 0:47.171
91Kurtis Asaff25638C 0:47.414
92Caleb Anderson22787C 0:47.539
93julian arguijo39412C 0:48.281
94Anthony Reed23684C 0:49.531
95Dylan White40202C 0:49.812
96evan kelm38935C 0:50.007
97Taylor Neuer49555C 0:53.828
98Michael Disalvo39122C 0:54.570
99Paddy Barson36289C 0:54.609
100Owen Rogan33848C 0:55.007
101oli wickers43102C 1:04.984
102Holden Cote5629ANo Sessions
103Wyatt Carter13203CNo Sessions
104rylin k15174CNo Sessions
105JoJo Dashosh17892CNo Sessions
106Blake O'Brien17921CNo Sessions
107Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
108Hunter Plomb18901CNo Sessions
109Zachary Adams18905BNo Sessions
110Skylar Belcher25145CNo Sessions
111LIAM Atkinson25419CNo Sessions
112sam butler26920CNo Sessions
113Justin Carney29086BNo Sessions
114greed jay29237CNo Sessions
115Gavin Marsh30220CNo Sessions
116Troy Bienert35546CNo Sessions
117Sterling Lofthouse35734CNo Sessions
118Ryder Bergemeier36358CNo Sessions
119chris corcoran37414CNo Sessions
120Jordan Crowder37933CNo Sessions
121ryder bednar38437CNo Sessions
122Samuel BELIN39795CNo Sessions
123Tyler Watson43761CNo Sessions
124Greyson Bennett46483CNo Sessions
125Anthony Scapin46764CNo Sessions
126Marshall Smith | Axcel Energy Racing46911CNo Sessions
127Cash Woods49224CNo Sessions
128Jamie Kinna49771CNo Sessions

125 Results

1Johnny Podonyi525325
2Elliot Persson3800322
3Ethan Holland1692520
4Tucker Chitwood3015118
5Hayden Stevenson2337916
6Bryan Hedge1294615
7Filip Larsson2994414
8Cory Aldridge3591213
9bocquet jean michel2293112
10Sonny Spicer2383111
11Quenten Hallam3590510
12Bennett Guenther425599
13kees mortimer216128
14Eli Block231007
15Emil saxager373626
16Nicklas Langstrup271305
17Tory Lanez100374

250 Results

1Johnny Podonyi525325
2Hayden Stevenson2337922
3Filip Larsson2994420
4Elliot Persson3800318
5Ethan Holland1692516
6Eli Block2310015
7bocquet jean michel2293114
8Landon Johnson2817013
9Sonny Spicer2383112
10Aironas bukauskas1916011
11Cory Aldridge3591210
12Jonmarc Sorensen432889
13Ryan Romain149878
14Magnus Gregersen373307
15spencer brooking181096
16Quenten Hallam359055
17Tucker Chitwood301514
18Bennett Guenther425593

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