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125 Open(125) - Top 100 Qualify

1Frank Jackson12581B 1:31.687
2Jake Spease30371C 1:31.804
3Jack Gatland11337C 1:32.593
4Fishin Barry5253C 1:32.789
5Paddy Barson36289C 1:33.125
6Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:33.593
7tate anderson32208C 1:33.890
8Sonny Spicer23831C 1:33.953
9alec zellner28734C 1:33.953
10charley phillips32069C 1:33.968
11Trevor Spencer31221A 1:34.078
12Dalton Caudill38625C 1:34.101
13Hayden Scott33241C 1:34.445
14David Salas39768C 1:35.507
15Maximilien jvcfuds40833C 1:35.757
16Leon Hülsken49453C 1:35.773
17Brett Powers2642A 1:36.125
18Ben Lake9718A 1:36.335
19Billy Pasfield40575C 1:36.640
20Fabreguettes Morgi6062B 1:36.945
21Frederik Stampe42366C 1:37.437
22Rui Rocha44077C 1:37.468
23Bryce lizarraga48865C 1:37.632
24david bradley32938C 1:39.203
25Lucas Bruhn40598C 1:39.320
26Jesper Juulsgaard45972C 1:39.320
27Tory Lanez10037B 1:39.375
28Race Coble37150C 1:39.382
29RYAN BUEGHLY37029C 1:40.570
30Demetrius Crown19230C 1:40.679
31carl novak24545C 1:42.117
32Geovane Santos24047B 1:43.734
33Colten Tocco28320C 1:43.945
34Tucker Zimmerman40856C 1:45.140
35Eneas Tavella10863B 1:45.250
36jacob melgaard42535C 1:45.867
37riley allen43159C 1:46.179
38hayden davey45865C 1:46.328
39Finnegan Markland44326C 1:47.398
40Jeff Jenney21368C 1:48.250
41tukker mclean33089C 2:12.257
42Logan Geib34019C 2:28.835
43Brandon Huntington3965CNo Sessions
44Kenny Berkman6702CNo Sessions
45Vivian Dabert16478CNo Sessions
46Triston Judd18544CNo Sessions
47kees mortimer21612CNo Sessions
48Trey Padilla25103CNo Sessions
49Theo Ferm25529CNo Sessions
50Jake Bedford28133CNo Sessions
51Jackson Roger29485CNo Sessions
52Lawson Dye30681CNo Sessions
53John Hileman31403CNo Sessions
54Austin Martin33381CNo Sessions
55Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
56Jérémie Chamberland34741CNo Sessions
57Chris Petrie35266CNo Sessions
58taj moore35738CNo Sessions
59Fletcher Kilpatrick40355CNo Sessions
60Bennett Guenther42559CNo Sessions
61Ryan Cardno43317CNo Sessions
62Brady Olson44167CNo Sessions
63Axel De Rosso44649CNo Sessions
64carson bullin47205CNo Sessions
65Travis Johnsmeyer47246CNo Sessions
66Jacob Williamson47313CNo Sessions
67Dylan Roper49054CNo Sessions

250 Open(125/250) - Top 100 Qualify

1Fishin Barry5253C 1:30.234
2Frank Jackson12581B 1:30.476
3Jake Spease30371C 1:30.710
4John Hileman31403C 1:30.882
5Sonny Spicer23831C 1:31.125
6Jack Gatland11337C 1:31.960
7alec zellner28734C 1:32.335
8Matt Cromie5149A 1:32.695
9Paddy Barson36289C 1:33.125
10Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:33.273
11tate anderson32208C 1:33.500
12Lawson Dye30681C 1:33.726
13Ryder Gwynn18752C 1:33.843
14charley phillips32069C 1:33.968
15Jan Kölker14211C 1:33.992
16Trevor Spencer31221A 1:34.078
17Dalton Caudill38625C 1:34.101
18Chase Lewis46367C 1:34.132
19Hayden Scott33241C 1:34.445
20Ben Lake9718A 1:34.562
21Leon Hülsken49453C 1:35.414
22David Salas39768C 1:35.507
23leonardo pisi37486C 1:35.773
24Dylan Roper49054C 1:35.929
25Brett Powers2642A 1:36.125
26Tyler Bannister36134C 1:36.351
27Billy Pasfield40575C 1:36.398
28Finnegan Markland44326C 1:36.453
29Race Coble37150C 1:36.500
30Lucas Bruhn40598C 1:36.898
31Fabreguettes Morgi6062B 1:36.945
32Ben Neronha49862C 1:37.382
33Frederik Stampe42366C 1:37.437
34Rui Rocha44077C 1:37.468
35Bryce lizarraga48865C 1:37.632
36Brady Olson44167C 1:37.789
37riley allen43159C 1:38.132
38Kevin Eding20486C 1:39.367
39Alex Comastri39197C 1:40.179
40Demetrius Crown19230C 1:40.679
41Triston Judd18544C 1:41.406
42Jeff Jenney21368C 1:41.546
43carl novak24545C 1:42.117
44wyatt thurman40950C 1:42.984
45Eneas Tavella10863B 1:43.156
46Geovane Santos24047B 1:43.734
47Hunter Cross47834C 1:43.992
48Tucker Zimmerman40856C 1:44.945
49jacob melgaard42535C 1:45.867
50hayden davey45865C 1:46.328
51Logan Geib34019C 1:50.203
52Jackson Roger29485C 1:50.906
53Ryan Cardno43317C 1:54.546
54Nick Park49145C 1:55.226
55kees mortimer21612C 1:57.289
56Theo Ferm25529C 1:59.640
57carson bullin47205C 2:01.125
58Dar Bolicki16684C 2:04.375
59Austin Martin33381C 2:08.500
60Ryder Yecoshenko49256C 2:11.953
61Brandon Huntington3965CNo Sessions
62Kenny Berkman6702CNo Sessions
63Corbin Weed6876BNo Sessions
64Vivian Dabert16478CNo Sessions
65Trey Padilla25103CNo Sessions
66Jack Hurst30494CNo Sessions
67Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
68Jérémie Chamberland34741CNo Sessions
69Chris Petrie35266CNo Sessions
70taj moore35738CNo Sessions
71Shawn Lucero36711CNo Sessions
72Julian Savala37473CNo Sessions
73javi madero38545CNo Sessions
74Linus Håkansson40194CNo Sessions
75Dylan White40202CNo Sessions
76kason little40900CNo Sessions
77Bennett Guenther42559CNo Sessions
78Travis Johnsmeyer47246CNo Sessions
79Jacob Williamson47313CNo Sessions

450 Open(Open) - Top 100 Qualify

1Fishin Barry5253C 1:30.234
2Frank Jackson12581B 1:30.476
3Jake Spease30371C 1:30.710
4John Hileman31403C 1:30.882
5Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:30.898
6Lliam Rowella26987C 1:31.093
7Sonny Spicer23831C 1:31.125
8Jack Gatland11337C 1:31.960
9alec zellner28734C 1:32.335
10Paddy Barson36289C 1:33.125
11Lawson Dye30681C 1:33.726
12Ryder Gwynn18752C 1:33.843
13Jan Kölker14211C 1:33.992
14Trevor Spencer31221A 1:34.078
15Nick Lowry16614C 1:34.164
16Ashe Deering22159C 1:34.195
17Ben Lake9718A 1:34.562
18Leon Hülsken49453C 1:35.414
19David Salas39768C 1:35.507
20Brett Powers2642A 1:36.125
21Tanner Dean16279C 1:36.171
22Billy Pasfield40575C 1:36.398
23Finnegan Markland44326C 1:36.453
24Tory Lanez10037B 1:36.468
25Axel De Rosso44649C 1:36.570
26Lucas Bruhn40598C 1:36.898
27Frederik Stampe42366C 1:37.437
28Rui Rocha44077C 1:37.468
29Bryce lizarraga48865C 1:37.632
30Brady Olson44167C 1:37.789
31riley allen43159C 1:38.132
32david bradley32938C 1:39.203
33Colten Tocco28320C 1:39.484
34RYAN BUEGHLY37029C 1:40.570
35Demetrius Crown19230C 1:40.679
36Triston Judd18544C 1:41.406
37carl novak24545C 1:42.117
38wyatt thurman40950C 1:42.984
39Kenny Berkman6702C 1:43.085
40Eneas Tavella10863B 1:43.156
41Geovane Santos24047B 1:43.734
42Tucker Zimmerman40856C 1:44.945
43jacob melgaard42535C 1:45.867
44Weston Weets10532C 1:46.757
45kees mortimer21612C 1:46.984
46Bennett Guenther42559C 1:49.835
47BRANDEN BURCH37062C 1:50.007
48Logan Geib34019C 1:50.203
49Shawn Lucero36711C 1:51.781
50Ryan Cardno43317C 1:54.546
51Theo Ferm25529C 1:59.640
52tukker mclean33089C 2:12.257
53Dylan White40202C 2:55.039
54Brandon Huntington3965CNo Sessions
55Corbin Weed6876BNo Sessions
56Vivian Dabert16478CNo Sessions
57Tommy Dallaire19520ANo Sessions
58Regan Wasmuth24718CNo Sessions
59Trey Padilla25103CNo Sessions
60Brandon Town27722CNo Sessions
61Jake Bedford28133CNo Sessions
62Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
63Jérémie Chamberland34741CNo Sessions
64Chris Petrie35266CNo Sessions
65taj moore35738CNo Sessions
66Jesse Hinde37932CNo Sessions
67Fletcher Kilpatrick40355CNo Sessions
68kason little40900CNo Sessions
69Travis Johnsmeyer47246CNo Sessions
70Jacob Williamson47313CNo Sessions

125 Open Results

1Jake Spease3037150
2Frank Jackson1258140
3Fabreguettes Morgi606237
4Hayden Stevenson2337932
5Leon Hülsken4945329
6Jack Gatland1133728
7Sonny Spicer2383128
8Trevor Spencer3122127
9charley phillips3206927
10tate anderson3220825
11Tory Lanez1003716
12Ben Lake971814
13david bradley3293812
14David Salas3976812
15Dalton Caudill3862511
16Race Coble371509
17Geovane Santos240478
18Bryce lizarraga488658
19Billy Pasfield405757
20Finnegan Markland443267
21Fishin Barry52535
22carl novak245455
23riley allen431591
24Kenny Berkman67020
25Eneas Tavella108630
26Austin Martin333810
27Paddy Barson362890

250 Open Results

1Jake Spease3037145
2Frank Jackson1258143
3Hayden Stevenson2337942
4Jan Kölker1421140
5charley phillips3206927
6Sonny Spicer2383125
7Leon Hülsken4945324
8Ben Lake971820
9Jack Gatland1133720
10leonardo pisi3748620
11Finnegan Markland4432619
12Trevor Spencer3122116
13Fabreguettes Morgi606214
14tate anderson3220814
15Race Coble3715014
16Alex Comastri3919710
17Dalton Caudill386259
18wyatt thurman409509
19Matt Cromie51498
20Geovane Santos240477
21Billy Pasfield405757
22Ryder Yecoshenko492565
23David Salas397684
24carl novak245451
25Fishin Barry52530
26Eneas Tavella108630
27Austin Martin333810
28riley allen431590
29Bryce lizarraga488650

450 Open Results

1Frank Jackson1258150
2Jake Spease3037140
3Hayden Stevenson2337937
4Jan Kölker1421135
5Leon Hülsken4945332
6Ben Lake971830
7Lliam Rowella2698728
8Finnegan Markland4432625
9Tory Lanez1003724
10Jack Gatland1133720
11wyatt thurman4095019
12Geovane Santos2404717
13Weston Weets1053216
14Sonny Spicer2383113
15Trevor Spencer3122112
16David Salas397689
17carl novak245458
18david bradley329383

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