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250 Open(125/250) - Top 20 Qualify

1Seth Shirley31547C 1:17.328
2Brayden Tharp26349C 1:17.726
3Brandon Nigrin22612B 1:18.789
4taj moore35738C 1:19.273
5Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:19.750
6Emmanuel Cepeda10106C 1:20.234
7Christopher McPherson31857C 1:20.500
8Harrison Gafford37181C 1:21.125
9tyler more44882C 1:22.085
10caiden gross39599C 1:22.164
11Will Clark42833C 1:22.226
12Caleb Bates22064C 1:22.234
13Joey Arico34999A 1:22.398
14Tanner Dean16279C 1:22.570
15Dylan Roper49054C 1:22.570
16Chuckie Nigrin32021C 1:23.164
17Jace Williams43203C 1:23.375
18Christopher Harris39167C 1:23.437
19Jacob Kelly34905C 1:23.523
20Jack Hurst30494C 1:23.531
21chase odom5369C 1:23.664
22Taylor Neuer49555C 1:23.851
23Caleb Cauthen31058C 1:23.937
24Brandon ma16133C 1:24.023
25Jonmarc Sorensen43288C 1:24.140
26Jacob Johnson34695C 1:24.656
27tyler lynch27200C 1:24.796
28Jack Baldwin25384C 1:24.890
29Tristan Moss31756C 1:24.945
30Nicklas Langstrup27130C 1:24.976
31Johnny Goforth3361C 1:25.468
32Brandan Allen41525C 1:25.507
33Max Manske30470B 1:25.945
34Anthony Campbell44325C 1:26.687
35stephen tozzo28307C 1:27.718
36Braxton Knapp23492C 1:27.757
37Bill Will19552A 1:28.078
38Lance Bettcher32392C 1:28.492
39Demetrius Crown19230C 1:28.859
40Gavvin moon41130C 1:28.976
41Mason Curlee43706C 1:29.187
42Cole Luedeman45940C 1:30.132
43LOGAN MORTBERG37578C 1:30.398
44Ryan Rosen40471C 1:31.226
45laquan williams31521C 1:31.523
46blake greenwood47082C 1:31.976
47beans NOODLY38094C 1:32.015
48Grant Eckardt18819C 1:32.179
49zach coleman33910C 1:32.429
50Hunter Wiskow34127C 1:32.890
51Michael Wyatt37185C 1:33.164
52christian jonse48115C 1:33.320
53kian blount40819C 1:34.289
54jake spease30371C 1:37.640
55Travis Johnsmeyer47246C 1:37.757
56Ryan Anderson20384C 1:39.421
57Austin Fineis41294C 1:40.867
58Loomy The Cleaner43992C 1:41.273
59Justin Maka35604C 1:44.937
60Sonny Spicer23831C 1:48.359
61Jack Mark49207C 1:48.703
62Luke Beauchamp46811C 2:15.406
63Preston Taylor17377CNo Sessions
64Christian Dresser17809CNo Sessions
65Zachary Adams18905BNo Sessions
66Collin Clark32476CNo Sessions
67Travis Bohn32592CNo Sessions
68Shaun Hambrook34901CNo Sessions
69race coble37150CNo Sessions
70Breydon Moon37182CNo Sessions
71william todd38837CNo Sessions
72Gavin Pine39133CNo Sessions
73Jacob Kingsfield39754CNo Sessions
74Tucker Zimmerman40856CNo Sessions
75Izzy barron41287CNo Sessions
76pierce burton43880CNo Sessions
77carson bullin47205CNo Sessions
78Atticus Gannod47233CNo Sessions
79Walker Nalley49006CNo Sessions

125 Showdown(125) - Top 20 Qualify

1Seth Shirley31547C 1:19.867
2Brayden Tharp26349C 1:20.468
3Harrison Gafford37181C 1:21.125
4Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:21.265
5taj moore35738C 1:22.093
6Brandon Nigrin22612B 1:23.312
7Jacob Kelly34905C 1:23.523
8Joey Arico34999A 1:23.921
9tyler more44882C 1:24.039
10Christopher McPherson31857C 1:24.148
11Brandon ma16133C 1:24.851
12Jace Williams43203C 1:25.429
13Chuckie Nigrin32021C 1:25.437
14Caleb Cauthen31058C 1:25.898
15Dylan Roper49054C 1:26.812
16Jack Hurst30494C 1:27.117
17Tristan Moss31756C 1:27.406
18Jacob Johnson34695C 1:27.500
19Brandan Allen41525C 1:28.179
20Demetrius Crown19230C 1:28.859
21Lance Bettcher32392C 1:28.875
22Nicklas Langstrup27130C 1:28.968
23Gavvin moon41130C 1:29.468
24chase odom5369C 1:29.539
25LOGAN MORTBERG37578C 1:30.398
26Cole Luedeman45940C 1:30.539
27Jonmarc Sorensen43288C 1:33.015
28Braxton Knapp23492C 1:33.375
29Michael Wyatt37185C 1:33.796
30kian blount40819C 1:34.289
31Hunter Wiskow34127C 1:36.085
32Christopher Harris39167C 1:36.156
33Travis Johnsmeyer47246C 1:37.757
34Ryan Anderson20384C 1:39.421
35Austin Fineis41294C 1:40.867
36Loomy The Cleaner43992C 1:41.273
37Max Manske30470B 1:45.437
38Bill Will19552A 1:49.882
39beans NOODLY38094C 1:50.351
40blake greenwood47082C 1:58.929
41Mason Curlee43706C 1:59.945
42Preston Taylor17377CNo Sessions
43Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
44Caleb Bates22064CNo Sessions
45Sonny Spicer23831CNo Sessions
46Jack Baldwin25384CNo Sessions
47stephen tozzo28307CNo Sessions
48laquan williams31521CNo Sessions
49Collin Clark32476CNo Sessions
50Travis Bohn32592CNo Sessions
51zach coleman33910CNo Sessions
52Shaun Hambrook34901CNo Sessions
53Justin Maka35604CNo Sessions
54race coble37150CNo Sessions
55Breydon Moon37182CNo Sessions
56Gavin Pine39133CNo Sessions
57Tucker Zimmerman40856CNo Sessions
58Izzy barron41287CNo Sessions
59pierce burton43880CNo Sessions
60Anthony Campbell44325CNo Sessions
61carson bullin47205CNo Sessions
62Walker Nalley49006CNo Sessions

250 Open Results

1Seth Shirley3154750
2Hayden Stevenson2337942
3Brandon Nigrin2261240
4Christopher McPherson3185738
5taj moore3573832
6tyler more4488230
7Dylan Roper4905425
8Caleb Bates2206423
9Emmanuel Cepeda1010622
10caiden gross3959920
11Chuckie Nigrin3202118
12Jacob Johnson3469518
13Caleb Cauthen3105817
14Harrison Gafford3718114
15Brayden Tharp2634912
16Jack Hurst3049411
17Joey Arico349999
18Christopher Harris391678
19chase odom53697
20Taylor Neuer495556
21Jacob Kelly349052
22Brandon ma161331
23Mason Curlee437061
24Will Clark428330
25Jace Williams432030

125 Showdown Results

1Seth Shirley3154725
2tyler more4488222
3Harrison Gafford3718120
4Hayden Stevenson2337918
5Brandon Nigrin2261216
6Christopher McPherson3185715
7Brandan Allen4152514
8Jace Williams4320313
9Joey Arico3499912
10Chuckie Nigrin3202111
11Christopher Harris3916710
12Jacob Johnson346959
13Jack Hurst304948
14Brandon ma161337
15Jacob Kelly349056
16Dylan Roper490545
17Nicklas Langstrup271304
18Caleb Cauthen310583
19chase odom53692
20Brayden Tharp263491
21Hunter Wiskow341271
22kian blount408191
23Max Manske304700
24taj moore357380
25beans NOODLY380940

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