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250 C(125/250) - Top 18 Qualify

1Kees Mortimer48317C 0:52.421
2Billy Kwiecinski45719C 0:52.601
3Brodie Jenner30520C 0:52.773
4carlos Rivera26284C 0:52.937
5Tucker Zimmerman40856C 0:53.148
6Justin Thomas35148C 0:53.234
7Jayden Gomez18665C 0:53.312
8Reid Candella34190C 0:53.328
9Leon Hülsken49453C 0:53.390
10Anthony Campbell44325C 0:53.664
11luca bürger30852C 0:53.718
12Tallon Ulibarri37023C 0:53.796
13Robert Good49261C 0:53.835
14chase odom5369C 0:53.859
15Trey Padilla25103C 0:54.007
16carson bullin47205C 0:54.007
17Kauan Formiguinha28259C 0:54.351
18Nathan Goman38509C 0:54.492
19Brandon ma16133C 0:54.968
20Johannes Breindal32312C 0:55.179
21James Layle32685C 0:55.343
22Josh Howard30333C 0:55.578
23Dylan Roper49054C 0:55.906
24Mitchell Helmer33143C 0:56.156
25Marcel Hatherley39478C 0:56.500
26joshua crumet44019C 0:56.562
27Jacob Kingsfield39754C 0:56.664
28chace lawton43584C 0:56.679
29Scott Boyer21257C 0:56.695
30Luke Lee37825C 0:56.867
31Chance Setser37021C 0:56.968
32Brady Olson44167C 0:57.609
33matt jones44023C 0:57.687
34Blake Maple48911C 0:57.789
35Jeff Jenney21368C 0:58.304
36Benny Geale1136C 0:58.695
37Adam Stynes36256C 0:59.015
38Tayler Belle7094C 0:59.750
39Walker Nalley49006C 1:00.039
40Michael Baranski49629C 1:00.453
41cole hammond41851C 1:01.445
42Jayshon Porter25010C 1:03.500
43Andrew Dodd13369C 1:06.593
44Kristian Nyman49839C 1:16.117
45Kegan Ewoldt9017CNo Sessions
46Ian Champness16511CNo Sessions
47Theo Ferm25529CNo Sessions
48Jackson Roger29485CNo Sessions
49Filip Larsson29944CNo Sessions
50Jack Hurst30494CNo Sessions
51arthur castilhos31991CNo Sessions
52Chuckie Nigrin32021CNo Sessions
53caleb waslick32227CNo Sessions
54Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
55Domanic Kendrick34892CNo Sessions
56Steven Short38909CNo Sessions
57ayrton hibberd39147CNo Sessions
58Ben Dover39552CNo Sessions
59Maxime JUNIER40833CNo Sessions
60Jackson Potashnick41790CNo Sessions
61jacob melgaard42535CNo Sessions
62Jonmarc Sorensen43288CNo Sessions
63ethan mcmorris44601CNo Sessions
64GAS productions45635CNo Sessions
65Cole Luedeman45940CNo Sessions
66Deacon Denno46476CNo Sessions
67Gauge Brown46492CNo Sessions

450 C(Open) - Top 18 Qualify

1Loris Modard23106C 0:50.632
2LOGAN MORTBERG37578C 0:51.070
3tyler more44882C 0:51.117
4Zachary Whitaker22889C 0:51.265
5Jason Felkey18452C 0:51.367
6Lance Bettcher32392C 0:51.695
7carl novak24545C 0:52.054
8Austin Carew4862C 0:52.132
9Jonathan Hewitt38722C 0:52.281
10Bryce lizarraga48865C 0:52.367
11Tristan Raycraft33540C 0:52.718
12TJ Harrison33863C 0:52.796
13Austin Robbins3502C 0:52.820
14tukker mclean33089C 0:53.531
15chase odom5369C 0:53.859
16Logan Montgomery27330C 0:54.062
17Race Coble37150C 0:54.070
18David Salas39768C 0:54.476
19Joaquin Morales19127C 0:54.523
20Jacob Alvarez4317C 0:55.320
21Brandon Huntington3965C 0:55.515
22Marc-Hugo Lavoie40253C 0:55.539
23hayden davey45865C 0:55.914
24Matis duchesneau22284C 0:56.640
25Dylan Yates41885C 0:58.039
26Collin Blakita21188C 0:58.500
27Tyler Bergquist45139C 1:05.890
28Louis Corriveau48620C 1:12.648
29Brenden Leib8196CNo Sessions
30eric kidney8694CNo Sessions
31Gustavo Navega10352CNo Sessions
32Ryan Romain14987CNo Sessions
33Demetrius Crown19230CNo Sessions
34Regan Wasmuth24718CNo Sessions
35Brandon Town27722CNo Sessions
36Carson Crosser38154CNo Sessions
37cooper mullins43770CNo Sessions
38Caden Gordy44348CNo Sessions
39ben scott45119CNo Sessions

250 C Results

1chase odom536925
2carlos Rivera2628422
3Robert Good4926120
4Brodie Jenner3052018
5Billy Kwiecinski4571916
6Tallon Ulibarri3702315
7Leon Hülsken4945314
8Justin Thomas3514813
9Johannes Breindal3231212
10chace lawton4358411
11Mitchell Helmer3314310
12Jeff Jenney213689
13Reid Candella341908
14carson bullin472057
15Brady Olson441676
16Brandon ma161335
17James Layle326854
18Luke Lee378253
19Tucker Zimmerman408562
20Dylan Roper490541

450 C Results

1Jason Felkey1845225
2Lance Bettcher3239222
3Bryce lizarraga4886520
4tyler more4488218
5Zachary Whitaker2288916
6carl novak2454515
7Austin Robbins350214
9Austin Carew486212
10TJ Harrison3386311
11tukker mclean3308910
12Marc-Hugo Lavoie402539
13hayden davey458658
14Matis duchesneau222847
15Tyler Bergquist451396
16Jonathan Hewitt387225
17Logan Montgomery273304
18chase odom53693
19Louis Corriveau486202
20Race Coble371501

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