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250(125/250) - Top 45 Qualify

1John Hileman31403C 1:49.523
2Hunter Plomb18901C 1:51.289
3Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:51.820
4Seth Garrett18588A 1:51.960
5Weston Overturf8728C 1:52.218
6Ben Lake9718A 1:52.765
7Gerald Hurkderger18709B 1:54.281
8Jack Gatland11337C 1:54.578
9Caleb Bates22064C 1:55.132
10Troy Bienert35546C 1:55.757
11Justin Thomas35148C 1:56.398
12Leon Hülsken49453C 1:56.484
13Coby Gilsdorf43144C 1:56.539
14William McBride14508C 1:56.734
15Loomy The Cleaner43992C 1:56.765
16Rhys Cooper23371C 1:56.882
17Ryan Romain14987C 1:57.359
18Trey Padilla25103C 1:57.664
19David Salas39768C 1:58.015
20Jonah Bequette49374C 1:58.015
21Brandon Eade49659C 1:58.101
22Caden Gordy44348C 1:58.367
23Bryan Hedge12946C 1:58.484
24Kevin Eding20486C 1:58.898
25Race Coble37150C 1:59.289
26Emmanuel Cepeda10106C 1:59.476
27Danner Barton44808C 1:59.578
28stephen tozzo28307C 1:59.757
29Zane Dorrell34467C 2:00.757
30Maxime Lichter14040C 2:00.828
31Nick Pomeroy20301B 2:01.414
32Adam Stynes36256C 2:01.921
33hayden davey45865C 2:01.921
34Mason Curlee43706C 2:02.226
35kason little40900C 2:02.515
36Jacob Kingsfield39754C 2:02.578
37Hogan Mims25490C 2:03.429
38Jonmarc Sorensen43288C 2:03.609
39Anthony Campbell44325C 2:04.226
40Cody Wells44025C 2:04.234
41Filip Larsson29944C 2:04.390
42Ryan Norton36800C 2:04.562
43bastien pavageau35105C 2:07.546
44carson bullin47205C 2:08.312
45sticky g46465C 2:09.015
46Walker Nalley49006C 2:09.031
47riley owensby35544C 2:09.789
48tyler lynch27200C 2:10.468
49Sonny Spicer23831C 2:11.921
50Dylan Roper49054C 2:12.656
51Dylan White40202C 2:12.684
52YRMatt . 46766C 2:15.453
53Caleb Anderson22787C 2:16.210
54Dylan Messina46015C 2:18.015
55Bodhi Pangle23369C 2:18.281
56austin fineis41294C 2:19.781
57Dylan Padilla49170C 2:20.335
58jacob melgaard42535C 2:23.968
59Jarno Steegmans19627C 2:27.664
60joshua crumet44019C 2:29.421
61Connor Young41353C 2:30.125
62Theo Ferm25529C 2:30.195
63Nick Park49145C 2:32.437
64Trey Conant13947C 2:33.328
65Blake Larsen49172C 2:36.062
66Gutton mael47701C 2:45.960
67Mason Parker46150C 3:00.492
68chase odom5369CNo Sessions
69Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
70Joaquin Morales19127CNo Sessions
71Nicklas Langstrup27130CNo Sessions
72SAM Jefferies28169CNo Sessions
73Christian Jonse29867CNo Sessions
74Tristan Raycraft33540CNo Sessions
75Owen Rogan33848CNo Sessions
76Michael Disalvo39122CNo Sessions
77caiden gross39599CNo Sessions
78Billy Pasfield40575CNo Sessions
79Lucas Bruhn40598CNo Sessions
80landon talsky40906CNo Sessions
81brock garrett41002CNo Sessions
82bette winther44128CNo Sessions
83max shane45606CNo Sessions
84Tristan Coursey45608CNo Sessions
85Riley Devaney45845CNo Sessions
86Kellen Sampson45884CNo Sessions
87CHASE LEWIS46367CNo Sessions
88Anthony Scapin46764CNo Sessions
89Travis Johnsmeyer47246CNo Sessions
90Jamie Kinna49771CNo Sessions

open(Open) - Top 45 Qualify

1Sean Merwin27540C 1:48.359
2John Hileman31403C 1:49.523
3Hunter Plomb18901C 1:51.289
4Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:51.820
5Ben Lake9718A 1:52.765
6Dakota French6217C 1:52.835
7Gerald Hurkderger18709B 1:54.281
8Jack Gatland11337C 1:54.578
9Caleb Bates22064C 1:55.132
10Dean Tye32968C 1:55.750
11Troy Bienert35546C 1:55.757
12Leon Hülsken49453C 1:56.484
13Coby Gilsdorf43144C 1:56.539
14William McBride14508C 1:56.734
15Loomy The Cleaner43992C 1:56.765
16Jonathan Hewitt38722C 1:56.835
17Ryan Romain14987C 1:57.359
18Trey Padilla25103C 1:57.664
19Colton Adams49677C 1:57.804
20David Salas39768C 1:58.015
21Jonah Bequette49374C 1:58.015
22Brandon Eade49659C 1:58.101
23Caden Gordy44348C 1:58.367
24Bryan Hedge12946C 1:58.484
25Tyler Parsell4491C 1:58.937
26oli wickers43102C 1:59.257
27Race Coble37150C 1:59.289
28Emmanuel Cepeda10106C 1:59.476
29Danner Barton44808C 1:59.578
30stephen tozzo28307C 1:59.757
31Quentin Debono39141C 2:00.398
32Zane Dorrell34467C 2:00.757
33Maxime Lichter14040C 2:00.828
34Nick Pomeroy20301B 2:01.414
35Leon Tye18628C 2:01.820
36Adam Stynes36256C 2:01.921
37hayden davey45865C 2:01.921
38Jacob Kelly34905C 2:02.046
39Mason Curlee43706C 2:02.226
40Carey Owings49195C 2:02.273
41Diego Ferreira16245C 2:02.742
42Bennett Guenther42559C 2:02.890
43Hogan Mims25490C 2:03.429
44Richard Lorran15997C 2:04.078
45Cody Wells44025C 2:04.234
46Filip Larsson29944C 2:04.390
47Luke Barnes35659C 2:04.554
48Ryan Norton36800C 2:04.562
49bastien pavageau35105C 2:07.546
50Walker Nalley49006C 2:09.031
51Weston Weets10532C 2:09.640
52riley owensby35544C 2:09.789
53Sonny Spicer23831C 2:11.921
54Dylan White40202C 2:12.684
55Caleb Anderson22787C 2:16.210
56Marco De Vrye46348C 2:18.414
57Regan Wasmuth24718C 2:19.046
58Tylor Archer12851C 2:20.328
59Max Gierman43833C 2:21.367
60jacob melgaard42535C 2:23.968
61Jarno Steegmans19627C 2:27.664
62joshua crumet44019C 2:29.421
63Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
64Joaquin Morales19127CNo Sessions
65Nicklas Langstrup27130CNo Sessions
66Brandon Town27722CNo Sessions
67Dawson Sleeper27846CNo Sessions
68david bradley32938CNo Sessions
69Tristan Raycraft33540CNo Sessions
70Michael Disalvo39122CNo Sessions
71caiden gross39599CNo Sessions
72Billy Pasfield40575CNo Sessions
73Lucas Bruhn40598CNo Sessions
74max shane45606CNo Sessions
75Tristan Coursey45608CNo Sessions
76Kellen Sampson45884CNo Sessions
77Anthony Scapin46764CNo Sessions
78Travis Johnsmeyer47246CNo Sessions
79Jamie Kinna49771CNo Sessions

250 Results

1Hayden Stevenson2337950
2John Hileman3140344
3Rhys Cooper2337138
4Weston Overturf872831
5Justin Thomas3514828
6Bryan Hedge1294623
7Danner Barton4480822
8Caden Gordy4434820
9Gerald Hurkderger1870918
10Coby Gilsdorf4314416
11Seth Garrett1858815
12Jack Gatland1133714
13Jonah Bequette4937414
14Ryan Romain1498713
15stephen tozzo2830713
16Trey Padilla2510311
17Caleb Bates2206410
18Loomy The Cleaner4399210
19Brandon Eade496599
20Maxime Lichter140408
21Hogan Mims254908
22oli wickers431026
23Zane Dorrell344675
24Cody Wells440255
25bastien pavageau351054
26kason little409003
27Troy Bienert355462
28austin fineis412942
29Mason Curlee437062
30Dylan White402021
31joshua crumet440191
32Weston Weets105320
33Grant Eckardt188190
34Demetrius Crown192300
35Caleb Anderson227870
36tyler lynch272000
37Bart Battiste365610
38landon talsky409060
39Connor Young413530
40hayden davey458650
41Mason Parker461500
42carson bullin472050
43Walker Nalley490060
44Dylan Roper490540

open Results

1Dakota French621747
2Hayden Stevenson2337947
3Caleb Bates2206436
4Danner Barton4480832
5Bryan Hedge1294630
6Diego Ferreira1624528
7Colton Adams4967728
8Ryan Romain1498722
9Caden Gordy4434821
10Hogan Mims2549020
11Loomy The Cleaner4399219
12Maxime Lichter1404017
13bastien pavageau3510515
14Cody Wells4402515
15oli wickers4310214
16Carey Owings4919513
17Jonah Bequette4937413
18Trey Padilla2510312
19Dylan White402026
20joshua crumet440195
21Weston Weets105324
22John Hileman314031
23Mason Curlee437061
24Sonny Spicer238310
25stephen tozzo283070
26Zane Dorrell344670
27Troy Bienert355460
28Quentin Debono391410
29Coby Gilsdorf431440
30Walker Nalley490060

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