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250 Pro(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Max Chwalik48122C 1:11.359
2Jett Holyhead30293C 1:11.445
3Seth Garrett18588A 1:11.812
4Johnny Podonyi5253C 1:12.117
5Collin Allen24272C 1:12.351
6deshaun watson26349C 1:12.398
7seth carr33662C 1:12.476
8Frank Jackson12581B 1:12.703
9Tyler Lang14539A 1:12.992
10Rogan McIntosh28509C 1:13.164
11Sem Wijgman21957C 1:13.187
12Erin Rockafellow25349C 1:13.421
13Matt Cromie5149A 1:13.687
14Braden Carter18235A 1:13.773
15Joey Arico34999A 1:13.781
16Boddie Parker19311B 1:13.804
17Ryan Flemming27902C 1:14.085
18Dash McMillin21967C 1:14.093
19jake spease30371C 1:14.234
20Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:14.343
21Evan Holte43345C 1:14.351
22Jeremy Estrella33135C 1:14.593
23Mads Boel34354C 1:14.734
24Daniel Irvine7108C 1:15.031
25JR Reyes37458C 1:15.078
26Riley Hughan23127B 1:15.156
27Sonny Spicer23831C 1:15.218
28Bronson McClure40848C 1:15.312
29Tyler Nichols12071A 1:15.351
30Anthony Picchione27702C 1:15.640
31Talan Zollers34198C 1:15.734
32Dylan Love29623B 1:15.750
33caleb hall10047A 1:15.812
34Jeremy Squiabro884C 1:15.828
35Tyler Blowers32835C 1:15.828
36Paddy Barson36289C 1:15.828
37caiden gross39599C 1:15.875
38Arthur Miranda44934C 1:15.945
39Nicklas Langstrup27130C 1:16.015
40Damion Lawyer33936C 1:16.062
41Nick Niles20656C 1:16.617
42Ashley-John Matthews37121C 1:16.640
43Lucas Bruhn40598C 1:16.640
44Harrison Gafford37181C 1:17.250
45Jackson Roger29485C 1:17.281
46axel hallé49122C 1:17.351
47Brett Thomas13211C 1:17.421
48Noah Smerdon29577C 1:17.937
49Ryan Anderson20384C 1:18.164
50Brent Heintzelman683A 1:18.351
51carl novak24545C 1:18.570
52Jamie Kinna49771C 1:18.601
53Luke Fauser46003C 1:19.164
54Trey Padilla25103C 1:19.437
55Tristan Powell32796C 1:20.140
56Chris R41342C 1:20.468
57Zach Fischer15392C 1:20.500
58Hunter Plomb18901C 1:20.867
59lucas grazian27052C 1:21.171
60kylian prevost47954C 1:21.414
61Filip Larsson29944C 1:21.765
62Brayden Howard45882C 1:23.242
63Theo Ferm25529C 1:23.515
64Tyler Mcguire20231C 1:26.226
65joshua crumet44019C 1:27.984
66jacob melgaard42535C 1:30.156
67oscar thorius42679C 1:38.585
68Kristian Nyman49839C 1:39.515
69Tyler Bannister36134C 1:43.867
70Maxime Lichter14040CNo Sessions
71Noah Napoli14996CNo Sessions
72Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions
73Christian Dresser17809CNo Sessions
74Jayden Gomez18665CNo Sessions
75Demetrius Crown19230CNo Sessions
76Alec Horn19554CNo Sessions
77logan boye19737CNo Sessions
78Casey Cochran22060CNo Sessions
79dakota revis27258CNo Sessions
80Kauan Formiguinha28259CNo Sessions
81Billy Blundell28647ANo Sessions
82Trevin Thompson28741CNo Sessions
83John Hileman31403CNo Sessions
84Seth Shirley31547CNo Sessions
85Jett Wisdom32889CNo Sessions
86Rhylie McLaughlin34538CNo Sessions
87Carson Crosser38154CNo Sessions
88Caden Gordy44348CNo Sessions
89Carson Crosser381154CNo Sessions

Open Pro(Open) - Top 40 Qualify


250 Pro Results

1Jett Holyhead3029325
2Braden Carter1823522
3Rogan McIntosh2850920
4seth carr3366218
5Johnny Podonyi525316
6Boddie Parker1931115
7Tyler Blowers3283514
8Seth Garrett1858813
9Sem Wijgman2195712
10deshaun watson2634911
11Jeremy Estrella3313510
12Evan Holte433459
13jake spease303718
14Hayden Stevenson233797
15Brett Thomas132116
16Damion Lawyer339365
17Arthur Miranda449344
18Max Chwalik481223
19JR Reyes374582
20John Hileman314031
21Mads Boel343541

Open Pro Results

1Alexis Leclair645425
2Tyler Lang1453922
3Braden Carter1823520
4Colby egeland2390118
5seth carr3366216
6Dakota French621715
7caleb hall1004714
8Jeremy Estrella3313513
9Erin Rockafellow2534912
10Hayden Stevenson2337911
11Collin Allen2427210
12Evan Holte433459
13deshaun watson263498
14Johnny Podonyi52537
15Jett Holyhead302936
16Boddie Parker193115
17jonathan hernandez338874
18Sonny Spicer238313
19Troy Bienert355462
20Sem Wijgman219571

  • Name of Protested Rider:
  • UID of Protested Rider:
  • Demo Link:
  • Demo Time:
  • Type:

Protesting Rider: caleb hall

Protested Rider: Brayden tharp(26349)

Protest Message: "bt punted leader on last lap"

This is Braydens FINAL WARNING if he proceeds to do anything ban able he will be subject to a Indefinite ban

Demo Time:final lap